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Helping online entrepreneurs to increase their profits while maintaining work/life balance.


YES, it can be done



It is time to take your online business to the next level.

Learn the key ingredients to become a Successful Online Entrepreneur.



Generating profit is a matter of 2 important factors: Focus and Commitment.

It sounds simple, right? Then, why are many entrepreneurs are struggling with this?

We have created a signature program that will help you and your team generate profit while maintaining work/life balance.


Studies show that one of the main reasons why good people leave their organizations is because of their relationship with their boss. At Aldin we believe there is no such thing as a "bad boss", but a leader whose core competencies need to be developed.

 Our signature program on Leadership Excellence will help your company reduce turnover and create a better work environment.

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"We had the challenge of growing from a family company to an institutional one, which is a complex, sometimes frustrating process. However, after being able to count on Alicia’s advice and support, everything started flowing; we started resolving one issue at a time and identified our priorities, areas of opportunity, and developed a strategic plan. After Alicia’s consulting expertise, a deep process of transformation started in our organization; now we are moving forward with more control and with a system. What we liked the most was her professionalism, her experience, her commitment and total willingness to always support us. We have had other consultants in the past but had never been able to spring into action nor achieve results with them, until we met Alicia. I would like to say that she is a very capable person, that she takes her job seriously, is super professional, and that if you are looking for a consultant to take your organization to the next level, she is the correct person."

Sara Aceves Giacinti
COO, Gia Company

"The training received on the Aldin training online platform has been very beneficial and valuable to me. The instructors, Alicia and Daniel, hold your hand throughout all the training modules of “The Keys to Success”. Not only do they provide detailed and professional training online, they are also available to answer specific questions. The topics presented during the course have been effective in both a professional and a personal environment. This course has helped me organize my professional and personal activities in order to create an optimal and effective balance in my life. I recommend the course “The Keys to Success” without reservation."

Orlando Sanabria, PhD
Financial Consultant & Adjunct Professor

"I highly recommend you invest a bit of time on “The Keys to Success” modules. Afterwards, it will save you so much more time on a daily basis. The simple steps truly will allow you to see your priorities differently, freeing up time for personal development, family, and friends. Remember that we work to live, not live to work"

Marianne Morgan
Senior Marketing Consultant

"Due to my clients’ demands, the needs of my employees, and constant interruptions, I used to work long-hour days and didn’t have any time, neither for myself nor for my family, and I found it difficult to focus on growing my company. Thanks to the course I took through their online platform I learned to focus on what’s important, to set realistic goals, to achieve my vision for my personal life as well as my professional life, and enjoy a better quality of life. Both my family and I are extremely grateful."

Victor H Hernandez
Insurance Broker

"When I decided to participate in this course, I didn’t realize the scope of it, since usually, when taking courses that include a focus on management and strategies, they don’t consider the role with our whole selves, and what that implies for our own development. The facilitators guided me to re-think that among the different activities we have, we must pause and set up our objectives in an orderly fashion, besides, it’s a necessary mechanism to prevent that time and other factors make my decisions for me. I definitely have ways to go still, but having access to systemic tools like this course, strengthens me and makes me aware that continuing my education guided by specialists is part of that journey. Thank you for designing and sharing your work because it enhances our quality of life."

Dinorah Esquivel
Founder, Turquesa Alberca

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