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5 tips to Manage social media and succeed

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

If I had to define this era in one word, I would say "Connectivity", because all technology in some way or another ends up being summarized in being connected to something or someone. And an essential part of that connectivity are social networks.


Currently there are thousands of social networks connecting millions of people around the world, an honorable example of this sites is Facebook, which with almost 2,200 million users is the king of connectivity. Today it´s one of the most powerful engines of social interaction in the world and 13 years after its creation it is the most influential and powerful advertising communication channel on earth.


In a series of surveys carried out with hundreds of experts in digital marketing on the 30 most powerful social networks in the world, it was concluded that there are 5 things that determine success in managing social networks and of course you should not forget them when doing business through these virtual communities....

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10 Common Mistakes of the Digital Entrepreneur

Today I want to talk about the mistakes that surely every digital entrepreneur has made when starting a new project. Some apply to all kinds of entrepreneurship, however, today we are going to focus on digital entrepreneurs, their experiences and their advice to avoid them and be able to get rid of unfortunate experiences.


  1. Working with friends or family members without setting rules.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely path with a lot of work and little time off, so asking for help from those closest to you can be a great idea. But, the rules of the game must be well set, since feelings are harder to control with them and in moments where important decisions must be made, or work must be held accountable, it is important to know how to communicate in an optimal working way.


The most common consequences of not doing so are:

  • Difficulty separating emotions.
  • Weakening of the personal relationship.
  • Affected environment.
  • Discussing or violent reactions.


  1. Accepting all...
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Should I get up early? 6 Benefits of Getting up an Hour Earlier.

For most people it's not easy to get up early, but there are a lot of benefits to getting up early, from better performance at school or work to being better able to stick to a plan.

Here we tell you what other benefits you can get if you get up early:


  •  Helps you maintain a healthier diet.

People who wake up early tend to eat breakfast, while those who wake up later often rush out and have to have something convenient (meaning unhealthy), or skip that meal altogether.

The problem with skipping breakfast is that it leads to worse eating habits at the end of the day. If you're hungry because you skipped a meal, the doughnut at the office may be too tempting to resist.

  •  Time to exercise

Exercising in the morning gives you energy, although it may seem otherwise, it helps you avoid excuses of not having time not to do it, if you have the habit of exercising in the afternoon it is very likely that sometimes your work or other commitments prevent you do what.


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Work life after the Quarantine

There is no doubt that each fall is an opportunity to learn and get up with your head up high, and after the mega-decline in the productive sector worldwide, it's  about time for all to get up stronger than ever.

In the world, according to the international labor organization, more than 400 million people totally lost their jobs and working hours had a historical reduction at a global level, with Latin America being the most affected region. And that certainly is an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself.


And let's think about this: we are part of the billions of people who have had the opportunity to think differently, to see that the streets are no longer full of traffic at peak hours, that we could have spend more time at home, that realized that it is not essential to be in an office 8 hours or more, 5 or 6 days a week, that generating income should not come from a single source and that for traditional companies and huge corporates, we are a replaceable asset.


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Financial Freedom Formula

What does financial freedom mean? Having enough savings, investments, cash on hand to be able to do the things we want to do, whether in our businesses or in our personal lives.

Financial freedom is quality of life for our families and ourselves. Is to have healthy finances (debt free) in our businesses. It means that the money is working for us, not us for it.

Imagine everything you could do in your business if instead of looking for clients to pay the bills, whether personal or from your business, you could do what you like, give the best customer service in anything you do because you know that the sale is going to happen anyway, since you don't have the need to urgently pay certain bills, which often forces to almost give away your products or services to achieve quick income so that you can get out of the financial problem.

Let's not go any further, let's analyze what happened and continues to happen unfortunately, with many businesses that have had to close because they...

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WhatsApp vs Telegram the new way of focusing on your business

Currently there are hundreds of platforms where we can communicate in different ways with our friends, family, clients and colleagues, but when we talk about professional communication tools, there are 2 applications that lead the market by far, we are talking about WhatsApp Business and Telegram. These rival apps started out as simple free instant messaging sites and changed the way of communication globally.


The impact that these companies has had worldwide is impressive, in 2009 the large companies that based their communication mainly on email, calls to the landline and mobile, have transferred more than 70% of it to these applications, creating Closer relationships with your collaborators, customers and suppliers, all at your fingertips and significantly reducing response time.


We are in an age where information is the most valuable thing we have and sharing information, images and videos with those who are part of our organization has become a basic necessity for...

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A new Era: A new Post-Pandemic World?

March 2020 looks so close and at the same time so far depends on the perspective from which we see it.

If we asked a mom with young children who used to work from home and her husband used to go to the office every day, imagine what she feels, a total total change in her life!!

Her routine was getting up, getting her little ones ready, taking them to school, going home and getting to work, organizing her activities while her husband left for work early. In the afternoon she used to go to pick up her children and perhaps returned to prepare dinner for everyone, play with the little ones, wait for Dad to have dinner together and put the kids to sleep.

And from one day to the next, everything changed! The children cannot go to school, the husband has to work from home, she continues to have the same job, with high demands, projects to finish, but now she has to juggle to be able to attend  the young children who don't entertain themselves, her husband cannot entertain them because...

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Best podcast for entrepreneurs

As we have discussed before, technology is an entrepreneur's best friend, and yet the acquisition of knowledge, the collection of information, and learning about new tools can be a more complex task than it seems especially when we seek truthfulness and the quality of the information we receive.


And it would seem that despite all these tools that help us save time and be efficient, we have less and less time to invest it in our knowledge, for this podcasts were created, small nuclei of information created by experts and inexperienced people sharing their experiences, experiences and failures to give you a point of view so that you can learn in an easy and fun way, you can find them on places like YouTube, Spotify, TEDx, SoundCloud or their own websites and streaming platforms:


  1. The Mind Your Business Podcast

 James wedmore in more than 400 episodes is going to take you through a journey of fun and dynamic podcasts revolving around different topics related to...

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5 Books for Successful Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the experience you have as an entrepreneur, whether you are starting your business or already have some successful ones, it is always good to learn from others and what better way to learn from the experts than by reading some of the best books for entrepreneurs. .

If you remember on our blog about Continuous improvement, your secret weapon to success, we talked about the importance of staying up to date, in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey mentions one of the 7 most important sharpening the saw habits.

In my case, I take advantage of my commute listening to audio books, instead of listening to alarming news or despairing of traffic, I take advantage of time listening to books that may be of benefit to my business.

Maybe you too need a little inspiration to speed up your engines, or you could use some tips on how to be a better manager and take your business to the next level. Whatever business advice you need to sit down to read or listen...

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10 rules to succeed by failing

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2020

Culturally we have been educated with the idea that there always has to be a winner and several losers, and we associate failure with loss without any reward. However, failure is a situation that depends 100% on the perspective in which you see it. Failure is the best friend of disaster, separates successful people from those who are not and this is only due to having the right attitude.


Failure is something that we will all experience at some point in life, and it is perfectly fine to take all the time you need to process it, the important thing is that when you are ready you see it with the best attitude, understand the experience acquired and return it to try with an intellectual advantage.


As the title says today I'm going to talk to you about how falls are lessons learned and not failures if you decide to face them and to understand this you must understand the following points:


  1. The first steps are ALWAYS the most complicated. This moment is crucial, when...
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