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If it's not written it will NOT happen

In all our workshops we repeat this phrase over and over, "If it is not written it will NOT happen." And believe me, I can assure you that this is the case. Whether it is a task you want to accomplish, a goal or a dream to accomplish, if you do not put it in writing it is difficult for your mind to remember.

Your brain has thousands of things to think about, additionally having them in writing will allow you to develop many more things that you will discover next.

Writing your goals forces you to define them clearly, creates a reference point to be able to follow up and also helps you to think and perhaps adjust it, but it is not everything, it also stimulates your creativity as your brain begins to look for creative ideas and thoughts that They are waiting to be released. 

I do not know if it happens to you, but when you start writing something, suddenly you get inspiration and start writing thousands of things that sometimes need to be organized since your brain throws them...

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Balance = Success

balance motivation success Dec 09, 2019

I have always been known as somebody who works hard, but believe it or not, this has not always given me the best results. Well they say that excesses are bad, right?

Let me tell you, when I am at work, I am focused on what I am doing, I review my daily tasks, I organize them, I schedule the time needed to do whatever I need to do and work had to get the results. But there is always something unexpected that makes me reorganize my agenda and it is fine, it is part of the daily work, however, sometimes there are so many things that I do nonstop, that I end up working at night, outside my work schedule.

I work using social networks, since my clients are there, additionally there is always an email more to review or a message to answer, and the list goes on and on and on, Do you find yourself in the same situation?

Many times I finish working so late that I don't have time for anything but sleep to get up very early so I have time to do everything I have to do. It is here that I forget...

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Effective meetings without smartphones

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019

Smartphones are already everywhere, a decade ago few people had one in their hands and today it’s very difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a smart device. But what is the disadvantage of having a smartphone and taking it to work meetings? The answer is simple ...

The distractions!


It is a fact that we all use smartphones for everything nowadays, they have become a very important communication tool, which can be very helpful if used properly, however we also have access to many apps that make us waste time and keep us from concentrating on what matters most.

But... how can you use your phone in a smarter way?


Remember that you are the owner of your time and your actions, do not let technology control you, take control of your priorities once again.


Now, let's talk about the phones at the work meetings ... we spend the day in the expectation of receiving “important” calls or messages without realizing that they will distract us from...

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More Time? or More Focus?

If you had a bank that would deposit $86,400 into your account each morning and that wouldn’t let you keep any cash and that every night would withdraw the portion you didn’t use that day … what would you do?  Take out every $ every day of course, and use it to your advantage, right?

Well, I have news for you, we all have a bank just like that and it’s called TIME.  Each morning it deposits us 86,400 seconds.  Each night, it registers as a loss any amount of time we failed to invest towards a good purpose, like visiting a client, closing a sale, solving a problem, resting, spending time with the family, improving a skill, etc. 

Moreover, what’s left at the end of the day doesn’t roll over to the next day, what we accomplished stays there, what we wasted also stays there.  Each day it opens a new account for us.  A new opportunity to take advantage of it or to waste it, we decide what we spend or invest that time...

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The art of great leadership

leadership Nov 04, 2019

You've probably heard of the different types of leadership and how a good leader has skills that allow him to move masses and perform actions that seem impossible.

Throughout history, we have met different leaders and forms of leadership, some dominant that moved people based on fear while others did it with motivation towards an expected result, however, things have changed and many of those techniques would no longer be useful in these times.

Being a good leader is not easy, however, it is currently a very important element if we are looking for better employment opportunities, if we want to succeed at higher levels of an organization or in our own businesses, the good news is that there are certain skills we can develop to master the art of being a leader.

There are some key components that we should consider and that will help us become true leaders and not just another boss. Although both oversee a group of people, the way they treat their employees is completely different, not...

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The power of believing to create

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2019

Everything can be achieved, if you believe it!

We’re almost at the end of the year and I imagine that at one point or another you thought, where did all those resolutions you set at the beginning of the year go?  What happened?  Where did all those dreams go?  Did we change our mind?  Did we get lost? Or, did we give up?

Maybe we’re feeling a bit frustrated, achieving any important objective is not so easy.  It requires all of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy.  It implies countless decisions to be made every day.  Each thought, emotion and behavior play a role in the success or failure. 

I don’t know if it happens to you, but many of us begin enthusiastically, we are excited about the change and about doing something new.  But as time goes by, that emotion starts to change depending on the circumstances, to a point that we even give up sometimes.

We didn’t reach our objectives, not because we...

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Hiring successful teams

The best recruitment is as complex as choosing your mate or your best friend, this person must be the ideal one for you and for the role you are going to perform together, you must keep in mind that there are certain characteristics you have to consider so that your relationship is optimal and that you reach the objectives of the projects you will carry out together.

Your team at work is your family, they are the ones that will lead your company to be successful or to be a failure.

How to Recruit the best?

Action-taker, today I want to talk with you about the challenge of finding the people that will become your best allies, it doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur hiring your first employees or if you are building a team within a large corporation, the basics of recruiting are the same.

You must be very aware that like you, the person has needs, expectations, and an uncertainty about which decision to make. 

Keep in mind that when recruiting, you will meet...

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Being on time. An important habit of successful people.

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

With the fast pace of life these days, it is common to find ourselves not doing certain activities or that we keep delaying everything in our schedule because of something unforeseen or bad time management with the previous activities. Many people even stop paying attention and lose track of time, making them constantly late to their appointments. Other people know they are never on time and decide to continue being late, believing it is a symbol of their importance.

We really don’t consider that time is the only resource that we cannot get back and its unpredictable nature makes it our most valuable resource. No one knows how much time we have left to live and if we did know exactly how much time we had left we would probably do things very differently. This is why we have to modify our attitude towards time and start valuing not only our time but also the time of the people around us and of those that interact with us.

Some important reasons to consider are:


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An entrepreneur is not a perfectionist.

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019

You need to stop being a perfectionist if you want to be an entrepreneur”, I was told at some point.

At the beginning I didn’t understand what it meant, I felt that they wanted me to be “mediocre” o that I do things “sloppily” or “carelessly”, and I thought, I’m not going to do a mediocre job, my entire professional life has been characterized by doing my job very well, I’m not going to now start creating something that is not entirely to my satisfaction, just to create it and move forward.

In our society that’s driven by success, being perfect is the ultimate objective.  The characteristics of perfectionism (constant effort, attention to detail, high standards, commitment to the outcome, direction, hard work, achievements, planning and preparation) are very much praised and admired.

However, ask a perfectionist how his or her life is really going and the answer is harsh:

  • "If I’m not the best, then...
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How do you tackle an endless To Do list?

 A To Do list is a key tool in good strategic planning, it’s the structural foundation that will allow us to make decisions, assign times, and optimally structure activities so that all those pending tasks can be moved to Goals Achieved!

If you are like me, you have probably asked yourselves if a To Do list really can help you be more productive or if you’re just wasting your time… The answer is simple, of course it will help you with your organization, however, everything is a process and it won’t necessarily be easy at the beginning, but … we are here to help you and I’ll talk to you about some tricks that will be useful to make this process more effective and less tedious.

#1. Dedicate to it 15 minutes of your time exclusively; and when I say exclusively, I mean no distractions like the cell phone, your surroundings, and your mind.  When you are able to focus solely on this task, we are on the right track.

The list must have on it...

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