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Write down your ideas and get better results.

balance focus habits strategy Mar 09, 2020

In this dynamic and changing world, if we don’t prioritize, we’ll go crazy.  
There are times when I’m driving and I remember something that I have to do, or I’m listening to a podcast or an audiobook and I hear an idea that seems interesting enough to investigate, I’m listening to a co-worker and he or she gives me a tip that I jot down to look into later…

Throughout the day, thousands of opportunities to generate interesting ideas for your business will present themselves, however, this can be overwhelming if we don’t have a system to write all of this down and give them priority.

One of these ideas could be very valuable and if you don’t write it down you could lose incredible opportunities.
“Emprendedores” Magazine  shared a recent study which mentions that if you take just five minutes to write down your pending tasks, you could fall asleep faster.  Researchers supervised a group of college...

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Do more in less time, the best productivity technique

Efficient time management and successfully maintaining your focus during certain periods are 2 activities that are in crisis, and they need all our concentration to help them.

Nowadays we have more distractions around us, which leads to fragile and sensitive periods of complete focus, which in turn astonishingly affects our ability to execute tasks in an ideal turnaround time and generates stress and frustration among those who perform them 

And it seems that the whole world demands more and more from us, it expects us to multitask at all times in order to take advantage of the 24 hours of our day and thus execute all of the pending tasks on our To Do List, and they are not enough to get rid of that list which gets longer day by day. 

A few years ago, in the 80´s to be exact, an Italian named un Francesco Cirillo developed a time management technique called “the Pomodoro technique” which consists of designating periods of time of ...

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The magic of “how to” through a positive attitude

Each day we find different situations that are not always what we were expecting, but it’s in our hands to decide how we are going to face them and what we can do to improve those situations.

From the moment we wake up, it’s in our hands to decide to start the day in a bad mood, with optimism, joy, sadness, etc.  And during the whole day we have the possibility of making the decision of how to receive and react to everything that presents itself.

We constantly attract to our lives the energies that we manifest.  If we have positive energy and treat every situation with optimism, we will find that positive outcomes come our way, if we are constantly giving off negative energy we will run across unpleasant situations at each step of our journey.  It’s not an easy process but here we will tell you how to identify positive attitudes.

Adopting a positive attitude helps us face everything that life throws at us day to day.  A positive attitude will...

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Networking, creating win-win relationships

networking win-win Feb 17, 2020

If we ask different people what networking (social networks) is, we will find many different answers, and these will depend on how much they use this important personal and professional activity. 

In any industry or professional level, networks help you make connections in a personal way and to build relationships of support and respect in order to discover and create mutual benefits.  This is an important point, to make business connections not only for your benefit, but also to share and mutually help each other to reach your goals.  The main objective is to meet people, form a trusting relationship, get involved, and provide support.  Perhaps sometimes you will realize that the products or services do not necessarily have anything to do with yours, but maybe you know someone who could benefit. 

Imagine attending those events with the mentality to help and collaborate with other people or companies, the amount of satisfaction and knowledge you will get...

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Changing the Way We Think About Stress

attitude balance positivism Feb 10, 2020

by Susanna Clavello, Emotional Wellness & Personal Growth Coach [email protected] 


Stress can be defined in many ways. According to the American Psychological Association, for example, stress is “a normal reaction to everyday pressures, but can become unhealthy when it upsets your day-to-day functioning.” On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation.”

In reality, not all reactions to everyday pressures are stressful, not all stress is harmful, and not all human beings react the same way. Furthermore, stress is not a reaction to adverse circumstances like we usually think of it; stress is the response to our way of thinking about the circumstances, or the meaning we give to any given situation. Stress, therefore, can be our best ally or our worst enemy based on the way we think about it -our...

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apps productivity Feb 03, 2020

There are thousands of applications to help you reach your goals, it doesn’t matter if you use a PC, a tablet, a cell phone or all of them at the same time, what’s important is to know where you need help and which of these apps suits you more. 

To accomplish this you must start by taking into account the following:
• The cost. 
• The type of work you perform. 
• The number of members in your team. 
• The communication needs with your co-workers. 
• The communication with multiple work teams. 
• And the focus of each task. 

That is why you need to know the 5 types of applications that will take you from a novice worker to a productive expert in the blink of an eye. 

First of all, it’s important that you consider using a schedule or calendar. Depending on the type of device you use, the calendar is one of the most basic tools to help you be more productive. Despite all the...

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The art of making decisions

balance decision goals success Jan 27, 2020

There is a big difference between wanting and needing and even though we are sometimes able to identify them, it can be very difficult to make the right decisions when we are controlled by the emotions, wishes, and impulses of each moment.

When we act on impulse because of emotions and we opt for what we want and not just for what we need it can give us great satisfaction, however, it can also give us regret if our choice does not turn out like we wanted.

But how can you learn to identify what we want from what we need?  

It all depends on our particular situation.  Your needs are not going to be the same as another person’s. 

Let’s set aside for a moment the basic needs like shelter, clothing, food and water to sustain your body, and let’s center on other objects that are going to totally change depending on each situation.

For example, for an attorney that only works in an office, buying a professional camera can be just a wish,...

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If it's not written it will NOT happen

In all our workshops we repeat this phrase over and over, "If it is not written it will NOT happen." And believe me, I can assure you that this is the case. Whether it is a task you want to accomplish, a goal or a dream to accomplish, if you do not put it in writing it is difficult for your mind to remember.

Your brain has thousands of things to think about, additionally having them in writing will allow you to develop many more things that you will discover next.

Writing your goals forces you to define them clearly, creates a reference point to be able to follow up and also helps you to think and perhaps adjust it, but it is not everything, it also stimulates your creativity as your brain begins to look for creative ideas and thoughts that They are waiting to be released. 

I do not know if it happens to you, but when you start writing something, suddenly you get inspiration and start writing thousands of things that sometimes need to be organized since your brain throws them...

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6 Actions to Avoid Procrastination

Today we will talk about what for many is the archenemy of productivity and it’s the cause of why people go home at the end of the work day without having finished all that is pending … it’s called “procrastination”.

But what is procrastinating?

The most direct definition tells us it’s “the action of delaying the most important tasks and replacing them with others that give us more satisfaction”. Let’s admit it, at a time when entrepreneurs and freelancers can choose when and from where to work, this has become a real headache for many people all over the world.

Let’s understand something, procrastination in particular, is a problem that stems from self-regulation and time management, or lack of them to be precise. Its solution would consist, among others, of organizing time management appropriately, concentrating on doing the most important tasks that have the soonest due date.

Normally, whoever delays or postpones a...

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Use your competition as a benchmark not as a must

We have all checked out our competition at one point or another, whether it’s people, companies or co-workers that do something that you would like to do or that you’re already doing.  We are interested  in seeing what has worked for them and what has not, in order to have a point of reference when it’s time for us to put it into practice.

It’s also important to find an example to follow that gives us a certain excitement to get to where they are or even surpass them, however, we must work on one step at a time.

Remember that those companies or people didn’t accomplish everything overnight, the road is long, and in addition to studying their achievements, you also have to know their failures and everything that they have done to get to where they are. Study them as a goal to strive towards, not as an obligation.

Remember that you can tweak your goals as you move forward and a requirement or obligation generally has a negative connotation to...

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