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10 Common Mistakes of the Digital Entrepreneur

Today I want to talk about the mistakes that surely every digital entrepreneur has made when starting a new project. Some apply to all kinds of entrepreneurship, however, today we are going to focus on digital entrepreneurs, their experiences and their advice to avoid them and be able to get rid of unfortunate experiences.


  1. Working with friends or family members without setting rules.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely path with a lot of work and little time off, so asking for help from those closest to you can be a great idea. But, the rules of the game must be well set, since feelings are harder to control with them and in moments where important decisions must be made, or work must be held accountable, it is important to know how to communicate in an optimal working way.


The most common consequences of not doing so are:

  • Difficulty separating emotions.
  • Weakening of the personal relationship.
  • Affected environment.
  • Discussing or violent reactions.


  1. Accepting all kinds of jobs.

Freelancing is not entrepreneurship, it may be a first step, but once you decide to become a brand, the best thing you can do is focus your niche as much as possible, in this way your clients can start to see you professionally, you will be able to train better and grow along a directed path.


There is a phrase that says: "who covers a lot, squeezes less", that means, define what type of jobs you will accept, specialize your business and sales model so that it works specificly, that way you will achieve that your digital business grows with high probabilities of success .


  1. Not Networking with other professionals.

Networking is key in a digital business, unlike most physical businesses, partnering with entrepreneurs who share elements of your product or service can help you grow. The industry is strong enough to generate joint strategies and have very marked differentiators, Networking can be used as a marketing or sales strategy and the open source mentality is a trend in the sector that you should take full advantage of.


  1. Thinking that you don't need to invest.

Many entrepreneurs start thinking that nothing more than time should be invested in digital businesses and although in many cases it can be started that way, it is important to take into account all the technological and software licenses necessary to support your project. Additionally, you should consider a marketing budget, ads and a work team that helps you to be online in a simpler way so that you can dedicate your time to developing strategies and growth.


  1. Choose a niche that is too far-fetched or undefined.

In the digital world, being specific is a thousand times better than covering a lot, your personal or business brand will become an opinion leader in the sector you specify and that is what will make the difference.


  1. Not establishing a salary and work schedule.

The great regret of the entrepreneur, an economically frustrated and tired person does not work in the world and less in digital business. Having an online presence will take all your strength and energy to turn it into a successful business, setting schedules to do things, it will help you improve your productivity, you will be able to do more things and you can clear your mind in a better way. The entrepreneur tends to have different jobs at the same time, and setting schedules for each thing can save you from a lot of headaches.


  1. Stop training because the business goes "smooth sailing"

One of the most important things in the digital world is to keep up to date, this world of creatives is full of new techniques, products and services and becoming obsolete is easy.


Many people have asked us if it is really necessary to continue learning different techniques, investing in courses and creating new strategies and the reality is that it is a world of renew or die. Growing, improving and seeking feedback is an essential part of this digital business world.


  1. Not having a Personal Brand.

When you start to position a product it is important that it has a suitable name for your ideal client and your target market. Having a basic or complex logo, colors, fonts, and design elements is up to you, but they need to be present.


Companies that have better these details will be able to more easily communicate with their customers and define certain characteristics of their products.


  1. Make it the only activity you do.

It is vitally important for an entrepreneur to have hobbies that let you think differently, to see people outside of your work circle and to have other activities. This will not only help you keep your mind healthy and generate enough energy and vitality to become a successful entrepreneur, but it will also prevent you from having mental blocks, it will help you to generate solutions other than the standardized ones and you will be able to enjoy your daily work more. .


  1. Thinking that you will magically be rich and never go back to work

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, you will have long hours of work and you will have to sacrifice some things so having a balance is essential.


Do not be discouraged that it is worth it, the goal can be met and you can become a millionaire doing what you like the most. Digital entrepreneurship is about sharing with the world all your talent and what you most enjoy doing in life, if you manage to have a project with these characteristics, you will achieve the goal and you will become a millionaire doing what you are passionate about and what you like the most.


And you? Do you already know what your ideal business would be?


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Fernando Diaz Guerrero

ALDIN Consulting Group LCC



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