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5 Tips to Become a Pro at Networking

networking Nov 09, 2018

Networking is a very common practice among entrepreneurs and in the business environment. It is not only collecting business cards, but creating and strengthening relationships.

The networking meetings are events organized many times by associations or business groups, with the purpose of exchanging information and contacts to obtain possible collaborations in the near future. Remember that collaboration is not between businesses but between people.

There are many benefits of networking, including: Getting to know potential customers,  suppliers/providers, associations or even investors, and increase the visibility of your company among others.

To get good results in a networking event, here are some tips to help you break the ice and create bonds that will allow you to grow your business. 

  1. Be proactive. Do not wait for people to approach you, start the conversation. At first it will seem intimidating, but little by little you will get used to it and it will become natural to you.
  2. Practice some questions to break the ice. For example: Hello good morning / afternoon, nice to meet you, my name is xxx, and yours? , Tell me about your company? How did you find out about this event? Etc. It's most likely that the other person will appreciate that you have initiated the conversation and they will ask the same questions. In this way, you will discover common interest.
  3. Prepare your pitch. The pitch is a brief presentation about the benefits of your product or service. The intention is that you create interest so they ask for more information. For example, at "Aldin we are time and profit finders. We are experts freeing up time from your busy agenda, so you can focus on the things that matter most"
  4. Be brief.  These events are not about monopolizing or selling your products or services, but creating contacts that will later become win-win relationships.
  5. Follow up no later than 24 hours.  It is not about collecting business cards, it is about following up on the conversations and learning more about the products and services that each participant offers and needs. This way you can cultivate possible agreements in the future.

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