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5 words for an attitude of Success

success Sep 09, 2019

When talking about human beings in general, especially about those little things that make us relate to other people, be it your partner, your family, you friends, your business partners, your co-workers and subordinates, we find that a fundamental factor is communication, and not only the simple concept of emitting a message that is then received, but we’re talking about good communication, direct, conscious, and concise, now this communication can vary in each aspect of your life since it can differ depending on the person you are talking to and the level of authority we have relative to that person, the length and closeness of the relationship and of course the level of trust that exists between you both.

All of these attributes plus many more will improve or reduce how well the reception and processing of the message is, however, we believe that regardless of all these attributes you should never forget to imprint your values in that message, since doing so will make a difference and is the reason why the greatest and most successful people have been able to get to the top and have kept on growing continuously.  These values can be mostly found accompanied by these 5 words that will help you navigate your way to success, surround yourself by the best people, have a positive impact, and generate trust and loyalty in those that contribute to your development; these 5 words are:

#1 THANK YOU, One of the most important values for a successful, appreciated, and motivating leader is being grateful, GRATITUDE is the ability to appreciate the work and efforts that others put in when performing a task that benefits you, using this word regularly will help you abundantly, attract the necessary resources to make your projects work, experts have spoken about the power of gratitude as something that is done not only as a courtesy towards others but also to have gratefulness towards yourself, for your ideas, your beliefs, and with your actions you will be able to achieve more and better things time after time.

#2 PLEASE; placing this word at the end of a request for action or help represents the value RESPECT, respect for the time and willingness of the person you are speaking to, it is a word that goes hand in hand with gratitude and humbleness, however, when used, you are showing respect for the abilities of that person to accomplish that objective, and lets them understand the trust you place on them to do it and do so successfully, the small or large assignment you are delegating to them.

#3 I’M SORRY; This combination of words is very powerful since together they represent the value HUMILITY, which is an essential value in a successful leader, humility is the ability to analyze your work, your actions and your words with evaluation, improvement and correction, saying I’m sorry admits that you made an unintentional mistake and demonstrates a willingness to face the consequences. Possessing the value humility has been shown to be a complicated value to have in our era, since it directly confronts the ego and greed, in some people it can be mistaken for weakness, however, it’s been acknowledged to have the opposite effect, since we human beings, each time we make a decision, we run the risk of being wrong, and recognizing this and facing it shows courage and responsibility.

#4 GOOD JOB; Recognition is the obvious answer, having the ability to appreciate effort is a quality that shows the HUMANITY of the person, it goes hand in hand with the aforementioned values and seeks to encourage continuous improvement, when you have the chance to be the leader of a group, giving recognition to all parts for their tasks generates TRUST and LOYALTY, values you need to make teams powerful in order to achieve effectiveness and grow to the highest potential, solve problems and grow your organization to its maximum potential. 

#5 CONGRATULTIONS lastly, this word that represents EMPATHY, a fundamental value in human relationships, empathy together with recognition will lead to MOTIVATION and HAPPINESS, this combination is a recipe for success, since the work can be done better each and every time, in an environment of trust and with the drive to succeed, in order to be able to accomplish more each time, to learn and to grow. 

These are the 5 words that will transform your project or business into one full of happy people who share a free organizational environment and with values, thus assuring that the people like to go to work with enthusiasm and with an efficient and successful mindset.

Remember that companies with organized and motivated people save a lot of money and time since distractions are avoided, creativity is developed, stress is reduced, and goals are properly attained.

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Fernando Díaz Guerrero

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