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The art of great leadership

leadership Nov 04, 2019

You've probably heard of the different types of leadership and how a good leader has skills that allow him to move masses and perform actions that seem impossible.

Throughout history, we have met different leaders and forms of leadership, some dominant that moved people based on fear while others did it with motivation towards an expected result, however, things have changed and many of those techniques would no longer be useful in these times.

Being a good leader is not easy, however, it is currently a very important element if we are looking for better employment opportunities, if we want to succeed at higher levels of an organization or in our own businesses, the good news is that there are certain skills we can develop to master the art of being a leader.

There are some key components that we should consider and that will help us become true leaders and not just another boss. Although both oversee a group of people, the way they treat their employees is completely different, not to mention the results obtained.


The main aspects you should consider to be a good leader are:


  • Guide by example: Preach by example and make sure that what you ask of others you are doing in the same way. If you are looking for your team to arrive on time, you must also be on time, you must remember that to demand you have to give.
  • Communicate effectively: it is important to learn to listen to the people around us and make sure that our message arrives in the right way. Keep in mind that we are not all the same, there are people who are more visual and who are more likely to receive a message with the help of an image, sketch or table.
  • Learn to manage a team: It is very important to clearly establish our boundaries between being a kind person and losing the authority of the group. A good leader is a person who cares about the well-being of his team not only inside the job, but at the same time has the ability to demand results and that the work done is done in the best way.
  • Find a mentor: No one is born knowing everything, find a person whom you admire and have a similar trajectory to your goal, and ask him to be your mentor, to advise you and allow you to learn from his mistakes before you make them . If you have the opportunity, be the mentor of someone who is a few steps behind you on the road. That will help you see things from another perspective, analyze the decisions you have made and detect what other options would have brought you better results. Do not forget that knowledge is the only thing that the more you share it the more it grows.


Increase your leadership skills with these recommendations.


  1. Learn the individual needs of your team.
  2. Identify the strengths of each member and what are their areas of ​​opportunity (including you).
  3. Identify each person's way of communication.
  4. Seek conflict resolution immediately.
  5. Value and congratulate the efforts of each member.
  6. Seek individual conversations with your team and group conversations to stay together.
  7. Constantly train your team.
  8. Empower your colleagues to find solutions to problems that arise so they don’t depend on you all the time.
  9. Trust your team, but make sure the work is done.
  10. Celebrate the victories and try for them to be better even outside the work area.


These are some small tips that can make all the difference when you oversee work teams. Don’t forget to stay in constant learning and always seek to develop the talent of your collaborators, far from making you look weak, it will show confidence in yourself and bring great benefits to the entire team.

Leadership is not something that is mastered in a single day, it is a process in which you must work daily to see the result you expect.

You should be aware that there will be successes and failures, difficulties and moments to celebrate, but each of them will give you the opportunity to learn something new, to grow as a person and to learn how to be a good leader.


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Daniel Díaz

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