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Good planning allows you to turn goals into achievements

focus planning Nov 22, 2018

Planning is one of the most important steps to achieve your goals, whether you work for a company, have your own business, work on your own or want to achieve a personal goal.

You can have different objectives with different degrees of importance and difficulty, as well as different deadlines to meet them, but something they will always have in common is THE NEED to establish a plan to achieve them.

In your personal and professional life, it is most likely you have goals that you want to fulfill. Planning will allow you to turn those objectives into realities. It allows you to design an action plan to achieve those goals in the timeframe that you want.

At the beginning of this year you may have created your "New Year's resolutions" and now that the year is ending you review them and you may-- realize that many of them HAVEN'T BEEN achieved and may NOT HAVE EVEN BEGUN. AT THIS POINT you may have started thinking what is the reason? It may have been lack of proper planning.

We do not have a doubt that you had all the GOOD intentions to achieve them, that is why you set them in the first place, however, it is likely that many things have happened in these months that may have diverted you from your final goal. And now, that we have less than two months until the end of the year and you may be thinking that there is not enough time to achieve them, and you give up since there is nothing you can do about it, it's too late!, or maybe you think that next year you will have a new opportunity to fulfill them.

Maybe you say to yourself, "Let's start over, this will be my purpose for 2019 and now if I'm going to get it!" That's the right attitude, however, we suggest you do not wait until 2019, you can start now!. Plan, put it in writing, assign times to start working on them and we assure you that before the end of the year you will have achieved some of them or at least have gotten some results. Wouldn't that be great!

There are many techniques to plan, we recommend a very simple one. Put it in writing, schedule your action plan, review your progress constantly and readjust when necessary. It may seem obvious to say it must be in writing, but unfortunately it is not so. Studies show that many plans are not fulfilled because they stay in our thoughts / ideas and are never written down, therefore it is most likely you don't achieve them.


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