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WhatsApp, tool or distractor?

productivity tools Sep 23, 2019

Technology has been of great help for large corporations throughout the years, however, many of the tools that have been implemented can also become a stumbling block in terms of productivity and growth in these companies.

Most of us spend our days on our cell phones, and although most of the time we are on social networks, we do not realize that another app we use a lot tends to be WhatsApp.

This app ultimately changed the way in which we communicate, both in our professional lives as well as our personal lives.  Has it happened to you that you belong to certain family groups or friends groups, and some people seem to have too much free time and ceaselessly send messages?

Well, this is one of the main features that distracts us from our daily activities.

If you’d like to find out on which app you’re wasting most of your productive time of the day, you can review the automatic function in your cell phone where it measures which apps use the most battery (which is directly related with how much time you spend on the app.)  We suggest you look up the specific information for your device, in case you don’t have it pre-installed, there are apps that you can download that work very similarly.

The use of WhatsApp is even greater when we have smart watches synched to our devices, which let us know when a message has been received.  This technology is a great step, however, how practical is it to receive notifications at any and all times?

So that this doesn’t keep happening to you we suggest you take the time to figure out which messages you have to be on top of and manage your notifications from the rest of your contacts and groups.

Here are some suggestions.

Personal Chats: 

To limit notifications from individual chats, select the contact you want to silence, in the top part there will be different icons, one of them is a loudspeaker with a line across it, select that icon and choose the length of time you want to silence the notifications for that particular chat, it can be for 8 hours, one week, or one year.

Group Chats:

Nowadays we are used to making a group for everything, projects, family, events, etc.  Organize your groups so that they don’t take up valuable time from your day, remember that not everything that is sent to you must be seen instantly.

Regarding groups, it is recommended you do 2 things:

  1. Thin out your groups: this is an activity that is not very pleasant for many of us, either because of embarrassment about leaving the group into which they were invited or because they don’t want to get into bad terms with some people in it. The truth is that you cannot please the whole world and it’s better to leave the group and recover your serenity instead of being stressed about so many messages 
  2. Silence notifications: If you are not ready to eliminate a group or if it’s one that’s important to you but it’s not urgent that you deal with it immediately, it’s important that you silence the notifications, the process is very similar to the one for personal chats, go to the menu of the group, right there there’s an option of silencing it for a certain period of time.

Silencing notifications doesn’t mean that you’ll stop receiving the messages, only that your phone will not emit a sound when they arrive, thus preventing you from getting distracted.

Our suggestion is that you sort your notifications according to their importance so that they don’t affect your daily productivity and efficiency, you know better than anyone which messages you’ll wish to receive instantly and which can wait

In order to make this a bit easier we suggest you read one of our previous blogs called The Pomodoro Technique, in it we explain a simple technique that will help you stay concentrated but that also allows time to rest and review your pending notifications.  This will yield you a considerable increase in your productivity and you will start to see the results right away.

WhatsApp, like all new technologies, are tools that make the work and communication easier in all companies, however it is very important to be aware of how much we use them and that we must set limits when managing your time.   

It’s important that you set limits on the use of new technologies, for example, the hours during which you will deal with work issues or that you won’t be available on the weekends because you will be spending time with your family.

Now is the time to put these suggestions into practice and to let us know what your outcomes were. 


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Daniel Alejandro Díaz Guerrero

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