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Avoid perfection, get great results

It’s probably happened to you, your goal is to do a project or to accomplish something you’ve always dreamed of, but after a while you feel stuck looking for perfection and you put it aside because you have to have everything done perfectly each step of the way.  And if this happened to you, you probably stopped working on the project and it’s still not finished! What is better, to keep working on it even if it’s not perfect, or to have everything done to perfection before going on?

Some goals can be vague, or so large that we don’t know where to start.  We may feel overwhelmed and feel like we don’t have the time or the resources to achieve them, or it may be that we are adopting someone else’s dreams and goals and that they are not what we really want, or that we are not willing to begin because we are afraid we will fail.  But as human beings we are imperfect and that is what makes us unique.

Perfection should never be our goal.

Since as a matter of fact, we will fail.  This does not mean that we should not set challenging goals for ourselves, but concentrate on the process to get the best result possible.  We know that it’s always possible to do better in any project or dream, but to truly end up with the best result it’s better to continue to advance on the project, to continue to the next step when you start getting stuck and go back to that step afterwards with fresh eyes and new ideas that will emerge throughout the process.


Where to begin:

1.- The goals and objectives must be clear: In order for this to work, you must set goals that you value greatly and that are something you truly want, you yourself must have chosen them and they shouldn’t feel like someone is making you do them or that they are someone else’s goals.

2.- Put them on paper: Whether as text or with images, you must keep them near to always remember them so that they keep you motivated.  Remember to write down the why for each goal, which is what makes it special and worth investing your time in.

3.- Create mini goals for each one of them: Define the small steps that you can be making to achieve that goal that can seem unattainable at the beginning.

4.- Concentrate on small changes: Focus on one activity at a time, a small change that if you do it often enough, will get you to closer to your goal.  Each time you surpass that step, take the next one and so on until you reach your goal.

5.- Never stop growing: If you already achieved one goal, take advantage of all that energy and motivation to set a new, more challenging one, and begin your process to reach it.


If your goal is to lose weight, there are many goals you could set, with different objectives and many ways to get there.

You must define your goal with a timeframe by which you plan to finish it and the amount of weight you would like to lose (don’t forget to write it down together with the reason this goal has value for you).

Create small goals that have a shorter timeframe and a smaller number of pounds (they can be monthly, bi-weekly, or however long you like), the important thing is that you opt for tracking your progress and that you stay motivated to fulfill your final objective.

There are many different things you can do, like eat more vegetables, drink more water, continue to be active, take an exercise class, etc.  Choose one thing and start the process towards achieving your goals, when you feel ready add the next step and keep your eye on your challenging goal.

Once you reach it, set a second goal with a different weight or a different purpose. 

Having the ability to go on with the different activities even though not everything is perfect in the previous one is one of the most important points, since it would take too much time to achieve “perfection” and once you continue with your process you probably will find a better way of doing things, and throughout this process many things will probably change.  Don’t be fixated on this idea of perfection since that will only add a lot of stress in your life and at the end of the day you will realize that it wasn’t necessary.

It’s your turn to apply these steps to your goals and to let us know how you did.

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Daniel Díaz Guerrero

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