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Avoiding excuses, looking for the how not the why not

Excuses are lies that our brain tells us to make us feel better, most of the time it’s because we want to feel better at that moment, and our brain tries to convince us with convincing arguments why not to do things. 

The truth behind the excuses is that it’s possible we want instant gratification or we are afraid of something, all that is because to postpone something is the easiest solution, especially if there are no immediate negative consequences.  This can also lead us to overestimate our future productivity, believing that we will achieve it without any problems and that the reward is still unattainable at this time. 

The truth is that nobody knows you better than you do, and the fundamental keys for not falling into the temptation to postpone and create excuses is self-knowledge and self-control, being able to change the why nots to how, if you are a creative person, doing this exercise will not only motivate you to perform certain actions but also come up with creative solutions so that things work out smoothly. 

Finding the how is a continuous lifestyle, since each thing we want to accomplish will present itself as a challenge each time we make a decision, in order for this to become simpler, here are some tips you should keep in mind:  

#1 Designate a specific time to perform the tasks that are harder.

Designating a chunk of time sets a temporary time limit in your brain, reducing the ambiguity of time and creating a more realistic view of the challenge we face. 

#2 Find the ideal space.

Having a dedicated space to perform those activities is important, since there are spaces that have the right conditions for us to work on something and others that make us postpone them, let’s say that you will be exercising at home, try to find a space that is far away from your bed or from the kitchen, which are places that tend to have elements that make us come up with excuses, however, the living room or patio could be the ideal space since you can turn on some music or adjust the ventilation and lighting.    

#3 Find something that motivates you.

Us human beings love gratification, some people are motivated by competition and prefer challenges with someone else, some like recognition and prefer to show their achievements to everyone, maybe others prefer to be motivated by a gift and plan a prize when they finish the activities they have to do.

#4 Always seek to improve.

Once you accomplish it look at what worked and what didn’t, and seek better conditions so that each time it will be easier to meet your challenges and this way, the excuses will become less reasonable and you will be able to eliminate them from your thoughts once and for all.

#5 Keep your best attitude.

Without it, nothing will work, attitude is something important to survive and it’s important to be aware of your attitude towards yourself, say nice things to yourself, words are powerful when you say them to yourself, your brain learns from what you say to yourself and can help you or hinder you without you even realizing it, improve your attitude towards yourself and you will see that everything will start to turn out better than you thought. 

If you keep these 5 tips in mind you will see that your brain will help you work towards turning that challenge into a solution instead of finding the best way to avoid that responsibility.

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Alicia Díaz-Blevins

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