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Balance = Success

balance motivation success Dec 09, 2019

I have always been known as somebody who works hard, but believe it or not, this has not always given me the best results. Well they say that excesses are bad, right?

Let me tell you, when I am at work, I am focused on what I am doing, I review my daily tasks, I organize them, I schedule the time needed to do whatever I need to do and work had to get the results. But there is always something unexpected that makes me reorganize my agenda and it is fine, it is part of the daily work, however, sometimes there are so many things that I do nonstop, that I end up working at night, outside my work schedule.

I work using social networks, since my clients are there, additionally there is always an email more to review or a message to answer, and the list goes on and on and on, Do you find yourself in the same situation?

Many times I finish working so late that I don't have time for anything but sleep to get up very early so I have time to do everything I have to do. It is here that I forget the importance of balance.

I forget the need to stop, breathe deeply, meditate, take a walk, enjoy a sunrise or a sunset.

Entrepreneurs are the worst when it comes to having balance in our lives. We think about our business 24x7 and we become completely addicted to action, we are so passionate about what we do that we lose sight of everything that is beyond work.

We focus so much on doing things, achieving our goals and success, that we forget that there are other things as important as enjoying time with our families, friends, exercising, eating healthy, sleeping, reading a book, listening to music etc. etc. etc.

It is important to recognize that when we get away from that hustle, we get a different perspective that helps us make better decisions, since we can see the things, without being involved in the action, we can see the panorama in a way different.

I guess it has happened to you that you are taking a bath and when you are relaxed, interesting ideas come to mind, also when you go out and exercise, you think of things that you had not thought about, since you have been involved in the problem,  or just also get new ideas to do things differently.

Taking time to relax and rest allows you to see problems from a different perspective. You can see the distance you have traveled, as well as see how far you can go.

Studies have shown that maintaining a balance between your work and your rest helps to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve health and well-being in general
  • Improve your mental state
  • Help increase your energy
  • Sparks your creativity
  • It helps you think outside the box
  • Improves your mood 

The problem here is really doing it, we are so busy that we don't take the time to rest and relax.

Some tips to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

  1. Check how much time you spend on social media. There is a setting in most cellphones where you can see how much time you spend on your cell phone and how much of that time in each of the different Apps you have on your phone. Review it, you will be surprised!
  2. Commit to reducing that time in half and use that other half to relax, go for a walk, exercise, live with your family and friends, do something you like. Finally there are thousands of things you can do with that time.

If it is hard to cut the time at first, I would suggest to reduce it little by little. For example, if you spend 2.5 hours a day on your phone and social media, reduce it the first week by ½ hour and use that time to exercise for example. The second week reduce it for another 15 minutes and increase your exercise to 45 minutes. The next one reduce another 15 min and increases your exercise to a daily hour, so in 3 weeks you will have changed some of your habits and you will start using that time in other things that help you more.

Do the same with the number of hours you are dedicating to work. If you are dedicating more than 10 hours a day, reduce them little by little so that in a few weeks your average work is 8 hours, maximum.

It is not about the number of hours dedicated to work, it is about quality.

I assure you that if you change your approach to balancing your life, keeping your energy at higher levels those 8 hours of effective work you will get better results that on the 10-12 hours you are currently working.

Try it and you will be surprised with the change, not only with the good results you get, but with the improvement of the quality in your life.

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Alicia Díaz-Blevins

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