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Delegating helps you get excellent results

When talking about multidisciplinary teams, we know that we’ll have people with very different skill sets, there are more logical persons - math, and others with greater creative, artistic, or motor skills.

In your company, are tasks given according to a person’s skill set or are they assigned randomly as they come in?

In most companies, there are no documents that indicate the responsibilities that each co-worker has, assigning them the incorrect task that doesn’t match up with their skills tends to complicate their job, increase the time invested, and sometimes activities that are more important that the co-worker perform are neglected.

Delegating is a very important action to get excellent results, many times it’s difficult to let go of those activities for fear that others will think you’re not capable to do them or that you will diminish your value within the team, but what you really have to understand is that delegating will help you focus more on those tasks that are really important that you do yourself. 

Delegating is not just about letting someone else do your job.  It’s important to keep in mind several points in order to correctly choose the right person for each activity.

Make sure you adhere to the following rules:

  • The activity you want to delegate must be important, but you are not the right person to perform it.
  • The person that it is given to must be the right person to perform the activity (in the best way and in the least amount of time).
  • A learning process must be carried out so that the person it is assigned to can do it themselves.
  • The person it is assigned to must have enough time to perform the activity in addition to his or her responsibilities.

Delegating can be very beneficial to the team if it is done correctly, we must manage the activities and not only delegate, but also be willing to receive activities delegated to us by someone else, what is important is to always seek the greatest benefit for the team and balance the work loads.

We cannot expect one person to do everyone’s jobs, we must look for a joint effort and thus, reach the outcome we hope for. 

Delegating activities must not be done only to get a load off your back, it must also be linked to how much trust you have in that person and the responsibility that the person will have when performing that activity by themselves.  Having said that, here you will find some advantages of correctly delegating an activity:  

  1. More efficient processes are created: when showing someone that you trust them to do the task autonomously, you avoid wasting time confirming that the task is being done well or getting approval from other team members.
  2. Competencies and skills are better utilized: Their potential, knowledge and aptitudes are used to maximum advantage when having the correct activities for each team member.
  3. It increases motivation: When you get the autonomy to make decisions in a certain area or activity, a feeling of importance is created which increases the self-confidence of the worker and his or her motivation for performing the activities in the best way possible.
  4. Commitment goes up: Together with motivation comes the commitment to meet the expectations of the new challenges and it creates a feeling of belonging to the team and the company.
  5. Results improve: When handing out tasks correctly, they are done more efficiently. This leaves more time for other team activities and of course to celebrate the results.

It’s time to thoroughly review your team’s activities and look for areas that can be improved.  

Remember that the end benefit is that the team works better and that they feel motivated to continue with their activities.  Don’t forget to recognize your team’s efforts and to celebrate your successes together.

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Daniel Díaz

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