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Don’t let your excuses take over

excuses focus Apr 22, 2019

We all have different goals and objectives in life, many of them fill us with excitement and keep us motivated, and there are others we are not so enthusiastic about, but we know they are for our own good.  Everything is quite easy at the beginning since we find ourselves motivated, but little by little you start having doubts and negative thoughts get into our head and we start getting off track and another month goes by without having finished what we had wanted to do so much.  There are many reasons why we fail, but in almost all cases the reasons we have are really excuses. 

The 4 main excuses we give for not achieving our goals are:

“I can’t”

“I don’t know how”

“I don’t have money”

“I don’t have time”

You’re probably identifying with more than one of them right now, and can remember a time when you used each one of them.  This is completely normal and it’s happened to most of us.  But in order to reach all these objectives we need to stop making excuses and give it our best effort so that every day we get one step closer to our objectives.

The answer is simple, what we need to do is ask ourselves, what could I do differently?

If we’re talking about I don’t know how, what could I do differently to acquire that skill?  I could sign up for a class to learn that technique or acquire that knowledge I lack in order to make it happen. 

If the reason is I don’t have time, what could I do differently to have more time?  Is there an activity I do right now that is not aligned with my objectives, that I could stop doing in order to invest my time in something else?  Can I plan my schedule a bit differently to open up space for this that is important to me?

 The trick is to find a way around any challenge we are faced with, and see what we can do differently to defeat that excuse, if your problem is that you don’t have money to get your Master’s degree, which will benefit you in the long run, look for something you can do differently, maybe you can find a part-time job, perform some sort of activity on weekends or during your free time, you could stop spending money on something else you don’t need or that is not important and invest it in something that will bear you more fruit.

Once you find the solution to eliminate your excuses you’ll understand that you can achieve what you set your mind to, this is not to say the task will be easy, you will now have to face those challenges and for that, we have some suggestions for you.

Set small goals: Setting small and attainable goals will help keep you motivated to reach your objective.

Pay special attention in the first few weeks: To change a habit always takes time, so paying special attention at the start will help you assimilate those activities better and in the future they will become a positive routine in your life.

Don’t be afraid to try: The worst thing we can do is to question what would have happened if we’d tried.  It’s better to try and fail than to not have tried at all.  Any defeat even though it may not feel like it at the time, will get you closer to that victory you so desire.

Don’t give up: it may be that the first attempts will not give you the result you expect, but they probably got closer, even a tiny step, to those objectives. The important thing is to keep trying out different ideas until you find the one that will get you to the results you want.  It’s possible that some challenges will be very simple once you beat your excuse, but others will probably be very complicated and will require a lot of effort to overcome them.

Open your mind: With each exercise you do, you will realize that you’ll start to think in a different way, and each time you will find more solutions, maybe even some that will seem more complicated than the original problem, the interesting thing is to increase the creativity and thus be able to pull out the greatest number of ideas, to evaluate them, and to try them out until you find the best one.

It is time for you to find those solutions to the challenges that present themselves.

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Daniel Díaz Guerrero

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