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How do you tackle an endless To Do list?

 A To Do list is a key tool in good strategic planning, it’s the structural foundation that will allow us to make decisions, assign times, and optimally structure activities so that all those pending tasks can be moved to Goals Achieved!

If you are like me, you have probably asked yourselves if a To Do list really can help you be more productive or if you’re just wasting your time… The answer is simple, of course it will help you with your organization, however, everything is a process and it won’t necessarily be easy at the beginning, but … we are here to help you and I’ll talk to you about some tricks that will be useful to make this process more effective and less tedious.

#1. Dedicate to it 15 minutes of your time exclusively; and when I say exclusively, I mean no distractions like the cell phone, your surroundings, and your mind.  When you are able to focus solely on this task, we are on the right track.

The list must have on it all the activities you have to tackle during a pre-determined time frame, it can be daily, weekly, or monthly, use the time frame that is most convenient for you, however, the most commonly used is the weekly tasks.

#2. Divide and classify your tasks. Once you know everything that you have to do, we have to put them in order, divide and classify them by type, duration, priority, due date, and whether it’s an individual or collective task.  Knowing all of your pending tasks 100% percent will give you clarity of mind, but seeking specific outcomes will help you get better organized and achieve your objectives faster.

I, for example, put my personal tasks in order first, then my work tasks and additional projects, keeping in mind whether they’re to be done individually or if they require the participation of some other people in your team to get to the solution and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, by due date.  

#3. Verify that they are aligned with your vision.  When it comes time to review the items on our To Do list it’s important to check that our activities are focused on our vision and that they’re serving us to help meet our goals.

If you have taken some of our workshops, surely you already know that we always insist on the subject of vision, if some of the activities on your list are not aligned with your vision or if they’re making you waste time in regards to reaching your goals, this is the time to modify them and purge them and leave space for what’s important.

You must do this exercise conscientiously since it an essential phase of making your To Do list truly effective.   

#4. Establish priorities. Once you have made your tasks lean by purging some, you have to establish which ones are the most important and urgent, and give them a level of priority depending on their due dates and their impact on reaching your goals.

#5. Put your ideas into action. Once you have organized your To Do list and you know perfectly what you have to do to align your vision, it’s time to set specific times frames to reach an objective, generate new ideas to reach your goals in ways that are easier, delegate activities that are not worth for you to do, and start generating actions that have an impact towards where you want to and deserve to be.

The objective is to have a list of functional tasks for you, that works at your convenience and that helps you reduce your level of stress and that lets you start noticing more control over your time.  Apply this and let us know how it worked out for you.

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Fernando Díaz Guerrero



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