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From Dream to Action

goals planning Dec 30, 2019

When a new year begins we get excited, we cheer for the year that ends, if it was difficult we are glad that it is finally over and we are sure that the new year will be different and that we will achieve our dreams.

We make our list of “New Year's Purposes” and we say “now I am going to achieve it”, “this is going to be my year”.

We start with all the strength, the best emotions, the best purposes to achieve it, and then the unexpected happens!. The problems, things unforeseen, the emotion is down, or we just let the routine take us and in less than we think the year is over again and we finish without fulfilling those purposes.

Statistics show that only 12% manage to fulfill their New Year's resolutions, there are many reasons, so we want to invite you to do a different this year.

I want to invite you to take this great opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened in these last 10 years of your life.

• Where are you in this moment of your life vs. where were you a few years ago?
• How much have you grown?
• Are you where you wanted to be?
• Did you exceed your goals or did you fall a little short?
• What have been your successes?
• What lessons have you learned?
• If you could return time, what would you do differently?

Take a notebook, the one you like, or even buy a new one, go to a cafe or a park or somewhere where you feel inspired, review each of these questions and take your time to answer each of them.

Write everything that comes to your mind, take out all your emotions, use this time for yourself, that's why I suggest you go somewhere where you are alone and you can relax.

I suggest not to do it on the computer or on your cell phone or your tablet, but rather do it by hand writing, the experience is very different, try it.

Take all the time you need to do this exercise thoroughly, if you have to do it in two or three sessions, do it, the important thing is that you write down ALL what you have achieved in these 10 years no matter how small these achievements have been, and also that you have written down all the lessons learned.

You will see how satisfying it is to see on paper all the things you have accomplished and also read the lessons you have learned.

Once you have done this exercise you will be ready to start working on your goals for 2020 and on your vision of where you see yourself in the next 10 years. Write down all that you want to achieve for this year.

In your notebook write down everything you want to achieve. I suggest to classify your goals concerning your professional life and your personal life, the roles you play in your life.

For example, work with objectives and goals related to your company whether you are an entrepreneur or work for others; your goals with your family and friends and your goals with yourself, those goals related to your body, your mind, your spirit.

Some tips to achieve your goals in this new decade:
1. Your dreams should be aligned to your why, who you want to be. Check thoroughly what you want to achieve, do not do it on December 31 with the excitement of the year that ends, the parties, friends, do them really thinking about what you want to be, what you want to achieve, in your reason of being, of existing, in what motivates you and makes you better.

2. Your goals should be challenging but realistic. If you set an objective that is unattainable, most likely you will be disappointed because no matter how hard you work on it, you will not achieve it.

3. Set up dates to review the progress of your goals. One of the reasons why New Year's resolutions are not fulfilled is because we do not periodically follow up on them. Do not let this happen to you again. Constantly review your results and establish action plans and corrective actions when necessary.

4. Celebrate your triumphs however small, that will motivate you to reach the next small goal.

We are sure that if you do the exercises that we suggest here this year you will achieve much better results.

Happy New Year!!

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Alicia Díaz-Blevins

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