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How to get results despite the circumstances

Historically, crises have made humanity stronger, people have developed a greater sense of empathy because of what’s happening around them and have developed solutions to common problems in innovative and impressive ways. 

One of the most important factors when facing difficult times is attitude.  It will help you be able to look at the best of a situation and thus get the motivation to create amazing things.

When we say that attitude is important, it’s paramount to know that by definition it is a series of thoughts, words and actions emitted by a human being when faced with a particular stuation, now, to develop a positive attitude is a comprehensive process, where these 3 attributes must be balanced and fine-tuned so that the empirical reaction before a contingency is positive. 

Now, before a contingency of a wide magnitude like the one we are living through, the following is recommended to encourage and develop a winning attitude:

1 Maintain a regular routine. 

Here you must include everything you want to do from sleeping to working on a project, it has to have a specific schedule with things to do and a SMART goal that can guide you. 

2 Limit the amount of news that you read and believe.

Information is a double-edged sword because it helps you find out what’s going on in our reality, but it also gives your brain weapons to generate ideas, conclusions and fears that can easily put your plans off balance. 

3 Try to be rational.  

Your thoughts have a strong impact on your attitude and most of the emotional sabotage that happens in these situations is created by irrational thoughts about the situation, many times logic and intuition will not go hand in hand, thinking rationally can help you make informed decisions. 

4 Communicate with your family and friends (especially with those that are most needy).

Distance and loneliness are cruel companions and are big barriers to a good attitude, so contact your favorite family member, use technology in your favor and create unity across distance, especially with people who may need more from you during these times. 

5 Do not self-diagnose yourself

The excess of information has given us a wrong illusion of knowledge, be conscious of your body and consult an expert before getting the wrong idea about a disease or symptoms since you can create more damage to yourself or at least more anxiety than you had before. 

6 Exercise (yoga is recommended)

Exercise is important since it prevents the muscles from atrophy due to too much rest, find your favorite sport within your house, it can be an exercise program or yoga, which is a practice that combines your body and your mind while you exercise.

7 Relax

We don’t all relax the same way, you can watch a movie, take a warm bath, sleep at least 8 hours, practice something artistic; (dance, photography, painting, drawing, etc.) it all depends on you and your tastes, but dedicate some time to each thing to ensure that you have everything. 

8 Remember you’re not alone and that this is temporary.

This is something global, surely there are people who miss you and worry about you, don’t forget that this too shall pass and that this will all be over someday and we will see those we care about again. 

9 Take care of others.

Doing good attracts good, there’s always someone worse off, you don’t have to run a foundation against hunger and poverty, but you can help an elderly neighbor, or you can promote peace of mind around you. 

10 Make plans for the future.

Planning generates expectations, dreaming produces happiness chemicals in our head and happy people are positive people, look for ideas about what you want when this is over and start the preparations that will give you the possibility to make them happen.

11 Review your finances and guard your impulses.

Most of the population will have their finances affected by this contingency, take care of your money and spend it intelligently.  Social networks and television are sources of publicity and misinformation and if you panic or don’t guard your impulses it could lead you to make purchases that you don’t really need, decreasing the financial security of your savings for the family.

12 Eat and sleep well.

Eating healthy is essential, really watch the balance in your plate so that you don’t exceed the amount of food and have a tendency towards foods that are not good for your health, each person has different calorie needs and with decreased physical activity, they must be less than normal.

13 Follow the guidelines of health officials in your city and country.

Pay attention to your surroundings, health programs are designed for prevention.  Be part of the solution and not the problem, don’t forget to wash your hands, cough courteously, keep a safe distance from other people and make your attitude one that is as positive and inspiring as possible.

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