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Should I get up early? 6 Benefits of Getting up an Hour Earlier.

For most people it's not easy to get up early, but there are a lot of benefits to getting up early, from better performance at school or work to being better able to stick to a plan.

Here we tell you what other benefits you can get if you get up early:


  •  Helps you maintain a healthier diet.

People who wake up early tend to eat breakfast, while those who wake up later often rush out and have to have something convenient (meaning unhealthy), or skip that meal altogether.

The problem with skipping breakfast is that it leads to worse eating habits at the end of the day. If you're hungry because you skipped a meal, the doughnut at the office may be too tempting to resist.

  •  Time to exercise

Exercising in the morning gives you energy, although it may seem otherwise, it helps you avoid excuses of not having time not to do it, if you have the habit of exercising in the afternoon it is very likely that sometimes your work or other commitments prevent you do what.


  • Helps you get better concentration

Starting the day early improves your concentration. In addition to being able to focus on goals and to-do lists without being interrupted by family members or coworkers, getting up early means that when you get to work or school, you are already relaxed because you didn't get up in a rush. Most likely you had time to take a bath relaxed, have breakfast, read or listen to music, leave on time and avoid traffic etc. Being more relaxed will allow you to be more alert during the day.

  • Improve your productivity

Most successful people get up at 5 am. Or even before. Early risers tend to be more productive for a variety of reasons, including:

- Have more time to focus on important tasks while the rest of the world sleeps. This also translates into fewer interruptions.
- Brains tend to be more alert in the morning. If you can focus without interruption earlier in the day, you can get more done.
- You tend to make better decisions and think more clearly in the morning than in the afternoon and evening. Setting your goals first will help you achieve them.
- If you manage to get out of bed early, you will find that you have more energy during the day. It seems contradictory, but there are countless testimonies.


  •  Improve your quality of sleep

Keeping your body in a sleep routine will make it easier to go to sleep and wake up naturally at the same time each morning. This is important for your body's internal clock. If you go to bed late and wake up late on weekends, for example, it's harder for your body to adjust.

People who get up early are naturally more ready to go to sleep when it is "normal" time to go to bed. And having a predictable routine will help you sleep better each night and wake up feeling more rested.

  • Helps you enjoy quiet time

Getting up earlier also allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet since everyone is resting at that time. At home I can only hear the noise of the aquarium and I take that opportunity to turn on essential oils and enjoy the peace and quiet before the family gets up. Try it, it's wonderful.

Additionally, that relaxation will help you enjoy the day. On the way to your office you can play music or listen to an audio book and traffic problems will not ruin your day.

In short, one of the things that works for us the most when we start new projects is getting up earlier. It is proven that when you get up earlier and dedicate time to yourself, you start your day with more energy and achieve better results. Try it, you will not regret it.

Get up half an hour earlier than you normally would, for a few days, then get up 45 minutes earlier and then an hour earlier.

What are you going to do during that time?

You will work on forming habits that will allow you to start your day with more energy and achieve excellent results.

It doesn't matter if you have an afternoon or evening schedule at whatever job you have or project you're undertaking, get up earlier and dedicate that time to what Hal Elrod in her book "Miracle Mornings" calls personal development.

As I have talked to you in some of our productive talks, something that I really enjoy doing is listening to audiobooks when I am driving from home to work or to the supermarket or to any other place and one of the books that I have enjoyed listening to is this.

In his book Hal suggests distributing that time that you get up earlier by doing 6 activities.

1. 5 min of silence or meditation.
The first 5 min in silence or meditating help you relax and start your day calm.

2. 5 minutes of affirmations / appreciation
Making affirmations and appreciation fills your spirit with positive energy and when you have that energy, you can overcome any obstacles that come your way.

3. 5 minutes visualizing your future
Visualizing the future, He calls it daydreaming, it is simply living that sense of achievement of success of your why, which helps you and keeps you motivated.

4. 20 min of exercise
Exercising helps you be more energized. You do not need to spend hours in the gym, 20 min of daily exercise focused on your body is very good.

5. 15 min reading / learning something new
Learning new things helps you generate new ideas, imagine if you read 15 min a day, how many books will you have read in a year, how much learning you will have obtained

6. 10 min writing
The last 10 minutes of your time are dedicated to writing down all the things you have to do, the day begins with the most important, since unforeseen events always appear along the way and if you focus on the most important at the beginning of your day, it will more likely you will achieve good results

Try it, I assure you that in a short period of time you will enjoy it, you will feel more, relaxed, more productive and your results will have an incredible positive change.


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