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Goal or Process?

focus planning Apr 29, 2019

In our courses and talks we have mentioned how important it is to have a vision, an objective, a dream, since these are one of the keys to achieve success.  Human beings need a focus, something to work towards, a vision that excites us.  It’s the perfect motivator.  Without it, our lives seem not to make sense and we feel stuck.

However, as with everything, when taken to the extreme it could generate a stressful situation and therefore lead to a lack of focus.  Concentrating only on the final objective can make your brain abandon the excitement of the current moment and forget to enjoy the process.

When the final objective turns into the main objective, a situation develops where we don’t feel happy with the place we currently find ourselves in, we want to reach that goal, whatever the cost; we don’t feel satisfied where we are right now, we want to be “there”.  It is a reinforcement for our subconscious mind that we feel we are not “enough” where we stand at the moment, until we get to where we want to be, we will not be happy.

When are you going to be happy?

How many times have we told ourselves, I’m going to be happy when: 

  • I lose weight, 
    • I make more money, 
    • I get married, 
    • I have children, 
    • I buy a house, 
    • I get that promotion, 
    • I pay off my debts, 
    • I get to make that trip, 
    • I start my own business, 
    • etc. etc. etc.

That is a mentality that not only does us harm, it also leads to stress, because it teaches your brain the habit of “I’ll be happy when I achieve that” and you forget being happy  and the feeling of joy right now, when you achieve small goals in order to get to your final objective.

Focusing on the final objective rather than in the process of performing small actions that lead us to move forward from our present moment not only gets us off track regarding the benefits of having a goal in mind, it also makes the process more difficult and stressful.  When our attention is constantly out of alignment with the present, it is much more susceptible to a state of stress.

Now imagine what we could accomplish if we focus on performing the actions we need to do every day to reach the goal, we would not have to focus on the goal.  Why not?  Because we would have the guarantee of reaching it anyway.  Accomplishing the goal will happen on its own because you are doing the necessary things and creating the necessary habits to reach that point. 

Concentrate on the process of your daily actions, reduce your stress.

When you make the process your main focus, it truly takes away much of the pressure.  Think of the pressure we put on ourselves when we want to lose 10 lbs in one month for example.  However, if we focus completely on the process of losing weight, that is, eating healthier, eliminating unhealthy foods and doing exercise consistently, eventually we will reach the goal and in addition, we will reduce the stress created when having a strong attachment or even obsession with the final outcome.

Breaking down the objective into small actions and focusing only on them is KEY to moving forward.  Although it seems logical to concentrate on the final outcome, you can enjoy what you are doing now and keep moving forward.

Of course, it’s important to remember what the objective is once in a while, so that we don’t lose our way, what we want to highlight here is that concentrating on the process, setting small goals, measuring our progress, helps us meet the objective better and enjoy the process as well.

Small goals are excellent to push us forward, small goas motivate us and keep us focused.  Celebrate the small achievements.  

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Alicia Díaz-Blevins

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