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Hiring successful teams

The best recruitment is as complex as choosing your mate or your best friend, this person must be the ideal one for you and for the role you are going to perform together, you must keep in mind that there are certain characteristics you have to consider so that your relationship is optimal and that you reach the objectives of the projects you will carry out together.

Your team at work is your family, they are the ones that will lead your company to be successful or to be a failure.

How to Recruit the best?

Action-taker, today I want to talk with you about the challenge of finding the people that will become your best allies, it doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur hiring your first employees or if you are building a team within a large corporation, the basics of recruiting are the same.

You must be very aware that like you, the person has needs, expectations, and an uncertainty about which decision to make. 

Keep in mind that when recruiting, you will meet many people that will try to get you to fall in love with them and convince you that their abilities are just what you are looking for, and that your job is to find the correct person.


If you want to know how to recruit a better candidate, we suggest you pay attention to the following items:

  1. Expertise 

My grandmother used to say: “one knowledgeable man is worth two”.  You must know exactly what it is you need, you must be firm and honest with yourself. 


  • Anticipate the needs of the position. Make a list of the activities you are looking for in each open position, not leaving any out.
  • Describe the attributes, abilities and qualities you want in the prospects for that position. The more precise you are, the easier your recruiting will be and you will have better results.
  • Generate a list of questions. These will help you find out the personality and the abilities of each one of your applicants. There are tests that exist, which will help you find out how they think, how they make decisions, how organized they are, their reasoning, mathematical, and creative skills, their social skills, how they work in teams, etc.   

Choosing the best screening tool depends on you and on the needs of each one of the positions.

  1. Search in the right place 

  • Find the right medium depending on the position you need to fill. It’s not going to be very easy to find an expert computer and software developer by placing an ad in the newspaper or distributing flyers in the street, you have to go to the best headhunters in the network and choose your best candidate there.
  • Rely on employment agencies. These agencies will help you a lot with your search and most of them are free, keep in mind that you have to have your detailed information ready and at hand.
  • Choose the agency that’s most suitable to your needs. There are international agencies that are constantly updating their data bases with thousands of specialized people for different positions, classified by levels of experience and job expectations, and there are local agencies that will help you with specialized recruiting. Use the one that’s the most convenient and which suits you.   
  • Consider recommendations.  Lean on people you trust in order to make your recruiting process easier.
  1. The interview

  • The place is very important. Choose a place according to what you want to show, remember that you are selling the position and a lifestyle to the prospect, you are selling yourself as a person and as a company.
  • The details matter. It is necessary to break the ice and generate empathy in order to really get to know the people.  Consider elements like the chemistry between you, if you have things in common, if you understand each other, etc.  After all, the chosen person will be working with you hand in hand every day.
  • Put the cards on the table. Specify the purpose, expectations and opportunities, remember that it is a mutual decision and that the prospects also need to know the terms and conditions of the open position.
  • Be patient and tolerate frustration. Perhaps there are many people interested in your open position, however they may or may not be what you are looking for, patience will make you find that ideal person to whom you will be able to delegate your trust.
  1. Hiring

  • Communication is essential. Talk about the requirements of the position, about each of the activities to be performed, the processes that are defined and those that still need to be, the expectations of change and the openness to new ideas.
  • Your new hires will have to feel at home. Remember that as in every relationship, they will find areas of opportunity to work on to reach their ideal objectives, however you will have to help the new members feel comfortable, this will make them feel more committed and happy and will help eliminate turnover in your company. 

Recruiting is an important element in a company, don’t forget to take into account that you are dealing with people who deserve respect, we suggest you stay open to different ways of thinking and different points of view, this can also benefit your company’s processes.

We love to hear from you, tell us your experience.


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