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10 rules to succeed by failing

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2020

Culturally we have been educated with the idea that there always has to be a winner and several losers, and we associate failure with loss without any reward. However, failure is a situation that depends 100% on the perspective in which you see it. Failure is the best friend of disaster, separates successful people from those who are not and this is only due to having the right attitude.


Failure is something that we will all experience at some point in life, and it is perfectly fine to take all the time you need to process it, the important thing is that when you are ready you see it with the best attitude, understand the experience acquired and return it to try with an intellectual advantage.


As the title says today I'm going to talk to you about how falls are lessons learned and not failures if you decide to face them and to understand this you must understand the following points:


  1. The first steps are ALWAYS the most complicated. This moment is crucial, when you want to achieve something important as you face fear. This phantom weights on your shoulders approaches every time you dare to move. You just have to understand that you don't have to be the strongest one to get results, but you do have to take actions. The pain of starting is inevitable and procrastination is just a mind game that postpones suffering.


  1. Focus on being productive and not being busy. Success does not come from having your schedule filledout with thousands of activities; it comes from the empowering focus, making sure time is being used wisely. Remember that your results worth is measured on what you generate, not just your effort, open great successes that will come in simple ways and small things that take a lot of work, take advantage of 24 hours a day, use them efficiently and focus all your efforts on tasks that give results.


  1. Don't expect to be in control of things. Most of the things that are around us move with or without our permission and it is the power of resilience that you can have and your attitude that will cause you to transform those challenges of daily life into experiences that will make you grow and be better .


  1. Be patient things take time. Success, first of all, takes time and effort. Most entrepreneurs lose patience when developing their project, in order to be an expert it is said that you must carry out an activity for at least 10,000 hours, which in working time can be just over 4 years. Just follow the recipe and enjoy the wins along the way.


  1. Surround yourself with people who give you value. Human beings are sociable beings with a difference in abilities that make us unique, however, just as we have great qualities we can have strong weaknesses, finding people whose strengths are our weaknesses will help us to complement ourselves as a team and help us to strengthen ourselves.


  1. Choose carefully who you ask for support. As a matter of fact, not everyone that you think of will help you as you want or when you need it, you must be very selective with the people you ask for help and offer your trust cautiously, remember that each one works for what benefits them the most. themselves and many times your plans will not be the same as theirs.


  1. Your biggest problems are on your mind. Many times our survival instinct can play with our brains and make things look bigger than they seem, over thinking things can lead us to anxiety and fear, however, most of the challenges we face We face can double or triple their reality just by fear.


  1. Trust yourself. And it is very possible that nobody has taught you that you are the most valuable person to achieve your goals, trust your skills and your experiences, these will lead you to be a better version of yourself every day.


  1. There is no perfection. We have talked about it in other blogs perfection is very different from quality, a high-quality product or service is not the same as something perfect, perfection is a little assertive idea of ​​how things should be, seeks to do the best you can And don't worry about perfection. Sometimes small details can give us opportunities to grow even more or they can give us accidental benefits, so enjoy the process and don't seek perfection.


  1. Dream big and take risks. An important part of making mistakes is taking risks, to achieve great things you must take great risks, intelligently, enjoy the adrenaline and learning to grow with each wrong decision, only in this way will you make your falls become lessons learned.


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