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Where do I start? 5 tips to manage change

We would have never imagined that we would have to get on a really long waiting line to get into the grocery store and that when we could finally enter we would find out that there are no more essential things like meat, eggs, vegetables, toilet paper, etc. because a lot of people panicked and made scary purchases. We did not imagine that overnight we would be locked up at home, that all the places we used to go would be closed.

No dining in our favorite restaurant, we can't go to the movies, to the theater, to an open-air concert, schools are closed, kids at home, our spring and summer vacations cancelled, and the news tell us that now that we can't go anywhere If we do not wear a mask and we must also be a meter and a half away from people, we cannot see our family, our parents, our uncles, our close friends. And what about the economy, markets to the ground, closed companies, people without jobs, empty streets, etc. etc.

Ufff just thinking about everything we lost from one moment to another we can feel overwhelmed or perhaps even depressed, however, we must also analyze all the wonderful changes that have occurred during this time. COVID-19 has been a shake-up that has helped us appreciate what is truly worth living. It has allowed us to analyze the time we spent running from one place to another, in traffic, with stress, not having time for ourselves or for our families.

There have been incredible changes, the solidarity and creativity that has been awakened to help other people and our own families to get the best out of this situation.

We can see how people have reacted in other countries, for example, in Italy, where confinement was necessary because of the number of people who were affected, people were seen singing from their balconies.

The internet and social media have experienced an impressive boom, many people did not know what some virtual communication platforms such as ZOOM were, now they have the app loaded on their cell phone, older people who are in confinement can communicate with their relatives through these platforms that they didn't even know existed.

Many companies had to adapt immediately in order to continue operating from the homes of all their employees had to find a way to survive and continue moving forward.

Companies such as restaurants and convenience stores had to immediately adapt their form of service in order to survive by not being able to have their clients within their establishments. Now they have to go orders and deliver through services such as uber eats, doordash, favor, etc. or curve side services at their restaurants, as fast food restaurants do.

The same thing is done by other businesses where they are looking at how to sell their products or services to go or online in order to remain open, and as time goes by more and more people are adapting their companies to this "new way of living" that we do not know when it will end.

We are all facing that change, whether we want it or not, things changed completely from a couple of months ago to today and we do not know what other things will have to change since this is not over yet, without a question 2020 will be identified in history as a year of change.

Some tips to face the changes:

1. Be aware of what is going on. We all get used to a routine and life habits, and it is difficult to recognize at times that our "normality" has changed. Being aware of what we are experiencing now allows us to observe our emotions and thoughts and make necessary decisions to face those changes.

2. Maintain a positive attitude. Negativity or pessimism is useless to us, there are things that we cannot control, but what we can control is our attitude, the way in which we face a problem. See the glass half full vs half empty, we can control that. Accept the things you can't change, and focus on the things you can change / adapt.

3. Be thankful. Recognizing and thanking for what we have gives us a different perspective, learning new things and ways of survival. Let us remember that there are those who receive lemons from life and throw them away, and those who make lemonades with them and sell them.

4. Create new habits, be open to learn new things. The world has turned to the internet, there are thousands of opportunities to create business online, check out pages like , Udemy, linkedin learning, google, youtube thousands of opportunities to learn what you want.

5. Enjoy the change. Every challenge brings with it a seed of opportunity within it and this crisis is no different, now is our opportunity to achieve something wonderful, we must take advantage of it, when we go through crises like these we first survive and then thrive, so let's enjoy this change and let's get stronger from it!

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