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Avoid working when overwhelmed

focus Jun 24, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed is by definition a saturation of thoughts that create worry, fatigue and stress and it is then that our brain, in order to protect itself from overload, avoids having thoughts that could give us clarity to look for solutions, take action, and think properly.

The highly regarded university UNAM recently revealed a study where Mexico is one of the most toxic countries in the world when it comes to working in companies (almost 85% of companies in the country are ranked this way), this taking into account the actions companies take for taking care of the people and how they ensure both their physical and mental well-being, as well as their plans for motivation and personal development, and although it may sound very simple, it’s not, since this leaves us among one of the countries where they rate of psychological disorders and mortality due to stress at work is one of the highest in the world.

Now, the most common factors for stress at work and the ones that are the reason you’re probably feeling overwhelmed are:

  1. An excessive work load,
  2. Having an addiction to work (being a workaholic),
  3. Not asking your team for help,
  4. Being dependent on the use of technology,
  5. Not resting or eating properly (burnout syndrome),
  6. Perfect attendance or being present (showing up at the place of work but not really working).
  7. Bullying or harassment at work.

If you identified with some of the previous factors, it’s time that you stop your activities and find out what you have to do to take action and work more efficiently without affecting your health. 

We suggest that to avoid this, you should take the following actions:

  1. Take out your to-do list and organize it with EVERYTHING you have to do.

Like we have mentioned in some of the previous blogs, your to-do list is sacred, if you don’t arrange your list it will be impossible to clearly see everything you have to do and make decisions on what you will do and in which order.

  1. Set your priorities and give them a definite time-frame.

Once you see all that you have to do you must group together tasks that are similar and set priorities, this will help you accomplish your goals easier.

  1. Start with the most difficult tasks or with the ones that will help get solutions that will have the greatest impact.

The tasks that give you the most headaches, fear, or are the hardest, start with those, once you accomplish those your motivation will be at a 100% and the rest will be cake.

  1. Remember that you are the good guy.

Motivate yourself, remember that you have the ability to achieve everything you set your mind to, and do it.  The only person that can give you the strength to do something is yourself, celebrate your big and your small achievements and remind yourself that there is no obstacle large enough to keep you from your mission.

  1. Do your tasks conscientiously.

Doing thing conscientiously is important, it will help you appreciate them and give it your best, it will also help you decide if it’s something you should do yourself or if it’s something you can delegate to your team.

  1. Reduce the noise around you.

Things that surround you can help you or harm you, depending on what you are doing, try to be in the appropriate place for your task, if you need help have the proper people near you and get away from those that will make you waste time or that can distract you.

  1. Think positive, look for how instead of reasons not to.

Sometimes it’s just a question of thinking a little, see how it can be done, it’s a good technique to find quick solutions that will take you through a myriad of possibilities and action plans that will give you ideas that make a difference.  You just have to dedicate 5 minutes to the alternatives, verify that all information is available and have all the tools at hand that will help you achieve something the best way.  If you don’t have everything, you can change the priority until that time when you have all the resources available.

  1. Take a deep breath and give your body some rest.

Remember that you are not an infinite and tireless robot, surprisingly robots are not either, dedicating some time to yourself will help you think clearly and you will be able to level off your stress to a point that will propel you to work and not to a point where it will stop you from working

  1. Delegate and ask for help, we don’t have to do everything ourselves.

We talked about this difficult task in a previous blog, but delegating is key to get to work on your vision, all the activities that are aligned with your vision, do them, but all that are not, your assistant or co-workers can help with as long as you don’t saturate their time with things that will not take them to where they want to be.

  1. Allow yourself to rest and enjoy it.

To rest is essential, if 8 hours of sleep per night is something real for you, and sometimes it may sound impossible, you have to realize that your body needs rest to balance itself, recuperate energy, relax the muscles, and stabilize your heart rate.


If you are able to do these activities, you will notice the difference between working when overwhelmed and working as planned, you must remember that changes are not made overnight but you can work on getting there in the shortest time possible.


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