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5 Ways to keep a positive attitude at work

attitude Oct 25, 2018

Keeping a positive attitude at work is as important as your professional development, eating healthy or resting. 

Negativity within a team is contagious and, once a person begins to complain and be negative, the rest of the group may do the same. In addition, complaints and negativity only lead to negative emotions that end up directly impacting our productivity and, more importantly, our happiness. 

Keeping a positive attitude at work is priceless.

Let's think, the most successful people are those who always maintain a positive and trusting attitude, even when everything seems to be breaking down. 

How to do it? If you love what you do and enjoy your work, it's obviously easier. Unfortunately, not everybody works on something that they are passionate about, however you can also enjoy it knowing that the work you do has a positive impact on somebody else's. 

Here are 5 ways to keep a positive attitude at work:

  1. Maintain a team spirit. Congratulate your colleagues for a job well done and, when it is your time to receive recognition, be sure to mention those team members who have contributed to your success.
  2. Adapt to change. Things change and, most of the times for the better, even though sometimes we don't see it at first. Accept them and adapt to them; the faster, the better.
  3. Be optimistic. Focus on your positive emotions and try to convey them in everything you do.
  4. Show your intention. When people know that you have a good intention, they will forgive any miscommunication knowing that you didn't mean to do or say x or z.
  5. Last but not least, watch your written communications. Try not to send emails or text messages when you are angry. Certain situations are best handled with a cool head, especially in the workplace, be courteous and respectful. If you can, talk to the person directly instead of sending an email. 

Always keep a good attitude, life is much better this way.

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