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A new Era: A new Post-Pandemic World?

March 2020 looks so close and at the same time so far depends on the perspective from which we see it.

If we asked a mom with young children who used to work from home and her husband used to go to the office every day, imagine what she feels, a total total change in her life!!

Her routine was getting up, getting her little ones ready, taking them to school, going home and getting to work, organizing her activities while her husband left for work early. In the afternoon she used to go to pick up her children and perhaps returned to prepare dinner for everyone, play with the little ones, wait for Dad to have dinner together and put the kids to sleep.

And from one day to the next, everything changed! The children cannot go to school, the husband has to work from home, she continues to have the same job, with high demands, projects to finish, but now she has to juggle to be able to attend  the young children who don't entertain themselves, her husband cannot entertain them because he is also working, and that house suddenly turns into chaos.

Let's see the perspective of the little ones, for them also everything changed overnight, from being used to going to school, being with their teachers, playing with their friends, etc. suddenly without being able to understand, why they are locked up in their house 24 hours a day because, they cannot go out and they do not understand why they cannot see their friends.

Logically their mood changes and they become more rebellious, hyperactive or both, they don't have much to do, they get bored and they can only be entertained by watching television, movies or games since both their mom and dad are busy, yes they were fortunate to keep their jobs.

And what happens outside, thousands of businesses unable to operate, companies going bankrupt since they did not have enough savings to sustain themselves without being able to operate at full capacity for almost 4 months now and therefore thousands of lost jobs around the world. The stock market fell from 29k points to 18k at its lowest level.

However, as always when there is a crisis and chaos,  ways of survival and adaptation to new circumstances must be sought. We have already seen many changes in the way of operating business. One of them and the one that has caught my attention the most  is the adaptation to the digital age by all people of all ages.

Before March, some companies, including ours, used digital media like "zoom" or others to share our content with our clients and prospects, however, many people were unaware that this tool even existed.

Now I see images around the world of zoom or skype sessions between family and friends of all ages keeping in touch, virtual parties, remote work sessions using this and other platforms, face-to-face events, conferences, summits, etc that have now become virtual events,  to such an extent that many companies are evaluating the possibility of remaining in remote work or a combination of remote and face-to-face.

Another change that has occurred is related to the businesses that used to sell their products in person and now they have had to adapt quickly to sell online and find the most efficient and economic way of delivery to their customers.

Restaurants and supermarkets that had to be adapted overnight to deliver or create pick-up possibilities that previously only those who were dedicated to selling fast food or some large establishments had.

In other words, now most people buy, work, study, prepare, entertain and play online. Even medical care that does not require hospitalization or direct care, has turned to telemedicine. To avoid risks, many doctor offices have changed their service to attend to their patients remotely, as long as a physical examination is not required.

Like everything, there have been good and bad things in this pandemic, industries that have benefited from these changes and others that have been hit hard, such as the tourism and entertainment industry.

After any prolonged period of crisis, there is a strong desire for rebirth and renewal. After a war, there is a postwar boom, a second chance at life comes, and a tremendous burst of creative energy and economy building.

There is an accumulated demand for products and services; People are eager to go back to work and invest and buy, and now they have learned a new way to do it.

The digital age has become a necessity in the lives of many people, they have discovered the advantages of learning online, communicating with family and friends, buying online, etc. Once this pandemic is over, life will be different, we have had to adapt to a "new way" and many things will stay that way. We should take advantage of these changes in a way that benefits not only us but also the people around us.

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