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apps productivity Feb 03, 2020

There are thousands of applications to help you reach your goals, it doesn’t matter if you use a PC, a tablet, a cell phone or all of them at the same time, what’s important is to know where you need help and which of these apps suits you more. 

To accomplish this you must start by taking into account the following:
• The cost. 
• The type of work you perform. 
• The number of members in your team. 
• The communication needs with your co-workers. 
• The communication with multiple work teams. 
• And the focus of each task. 

That is why you need to know the 5 types of applications that will take you from a novice worker to a productive expert in the blink of an eye. 

First of all, it’s important that you consider using a schedule or calendar. Depending on the type of device you use, the calendar is one of the most basic tools to help you be more productive. Despite all the technological evolution and the development of different apps, the calendar is the winner among all options because of its ease of connectivity, flexibility of use and its options that are adaptable to your needs. 


GOOGLE CALENDAR. This tool is a technological marvel, if you learn how to take advantage of it, it will save you many headaches. GOOGLE CALENDAR has incredible connectivity power specialized for the smartphone, which will allow you to synch your tasks throughout all your devices easily and for free, connecting with the contacts on your cell phone and your Gmail, it will allow you to categorize your activities by color and groups and it will visually help you be more organized, letting you add locations on the map, web pages, documents from the drive and synchronize these automatically to your selected contacts for each activity. 

So if you haven’t taken the time to thoroughly get to know this application, which is probably already loaded on one of your devices, we recommend trusting it for a better execution of your tasks. 

Another recommendation is WOVEN, a magnificent application that takes your calendar to a whole new level in terms of organization and advanced connectivity, with an incredible design, and it’s easy to use for both small and large groups of people. 


And no, it’s not the same as a calendar, an application for your To Do list will allow you to observe all the pending tasks you have to do. These lists of tasks help you categorize, prioritize and develop each one of your activities step by step in order to determine all of the necessary actions to meet objectives, including time-lines and due dates. These apps can also help you delegate activities and maintain communication with your entire work team. 


TODOIST. This application allows you to add everything you need to manage your activities better. You have the option of adding color tags for easier identification, add co-workers to the tasks, specific activities with due dates and notifications, in addition to a communication and connectivity panel that has brought it to the top of the charts in 2020. 
Other similar applications with some different operations are ASANA and TICKTICK, which have different ways of keeping your list of tasks to complete in a fun and easy manner. 


These applications are an excellent source of ideas, where you will be able to write down, classify and split up your projects in whatever way you wish. 


EVERNOTE. It’s the notes application that has stayed at the top of the apps in this category, hand in hand with Microsoft’s ONE NOTE. Within them you will be able to create and share different books, either generally or specifically, allowing you to have order in your work and integrate all types of text, graphics, tables, files, images and videos so that organizing your projects is not a big headache. Inserting comments and allowing synchronized editing in real time will help you work remotely and in a way that hasn’t been seen before. 


These applications will help you make decisions, generate ideas, share files, and generate an order when carrying out projects, especially when it’s a task that must be done by a team. 


TRELLO, NOTION and CLICKUP. These applications will help you see things more clearly, a clear mind works better and thus is more productive. Also, they are excellent to communicate ideas and spaces for collaboration, in order to execute your strategies in an extraordinary way, with specialized notifications, the integration of teams and of shared files, these applications help you have everything at your fingertips for the optimal develpment of your work. 

These applications will help you have everything in one place, have constant communication with your co-workers and best of all, they upload the connected information into many applications. 


MONDAY.COM, ZAPPIER, and SLACK are applications that once you use them, you will wonder how you survived without them. They are powerful work centers that connect with hundreds of apps through partnerships to be able to offer you the most complete productivity experience. These applications synch immediately with all your project management, note tracking, To Do list and calendar apps so that you and your work team get exceptional results when it’s time to execute a project. 

Once you find the ideal applications for you and your teams we recommend putting all your trust in them so that you don’t forget anything ever again and so that you achieve all of your projects on time and exceed the expectations of your clients.


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