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10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Uncategorized May 25, 2020

The world is full of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to make this world a better place, and if you are part of this group of people or are considering to become one of them, it´s very important to remember that being an entrepreneur, does not mean having a huge business project or a multimillion-dollar company, entrepreneurs are those people who seek to create and / or improve through innovation, processes, products or services around them, in order to create a good for their community and solve a problem of it.

These entrepreneurs have a series of qualities that make them achieve what they set out to do in the best possible way. These qualities can be summarized in the following 10:

1. The constant search for opportunities and initiative; This quality is born from curiosity, from knowing, creating, improving, and taking action to create solutions to the challenges you face every day. Sometimes it can be improving a process, innovating a product or a variant that helps in different ways. These people are walking through life having new ideas and putting them into action; So if you are one of those people who say "because nobody has done ___x___ to improve this" or "I would do this to make things better" than the # 1 quality of the entrepreneur is within you.

2. Persistence; a successful entrepreneur does not give up at the first change his attitude and confidence lead him to be persistent in an intelligent way since they must have the ability to adjust their processes to the adversities of the environment without losing sight of their objective. Positive attitude, having faith in your work teams and business processes are part of your daily life, phrases like "with a little adjustment it works" or "let's find a better way" or "we can improve in this way to return to it try "are common phrases in your thinking.

3. Fulfillment of commitments: an entrepreneur focuses on carrying out his work with excellence and fulfills 100% of his commitments, they are people whose word has an important value and their commitments are fulfilled in due time and form despite any setback or adversity . And commitment is a scarce value today, these people will turn the world upside down and do what it takes to fulfill their duties so as not to disappoint or look bad.

4. Demand for quality and efficiency; Entrepreneurs of excellence have a high level of demand with respect, they focus on the best quality and efficiency in their work, working with the best standards ensures the success of their projects and will reach and exceed their goals, creating a base of work based on continuous improvement. They are students of life and they are always learning, improving is their daily mantra and growing is their motivation in life.

5. Taking calculated risks. Taking risks is part of their way of life, each part of their work, leadership and project management is the need to make decisions and calculated risks so that they can smartly achieve their objectives, analyze the situation, generate empathy and simulating possible alternatives is another day at work, making decisions with risk in mind and deciding when to bet and when to double down are highly recognizable attitudes of our entrepreneurs.

6. Goal setting: this part is a complement to several previously mentioned, an entrepreneur has constant and changing goals, they meet one and continue with a new, something better, something bigger. Something more ambitious, setting goals is a regular part, creating the challenge, looking for what is necessary, mapping the best route, planning possible challenges and creating the metrics and kpi's of each project is something that is something they analyze and enjoy doing. 

7. Search for information: learning, getting informed, being up to date is particularly important for the entrepreneur, not getting somewhere without having a history of what is happening, being prepared for what is coming and knowing the possible alternatives. "information is worth gold" and "the one who knows the most sets the rules" is part of their modus operandi, they are always ready and that gives them an advantage not only with their competitors but also with their clients and allies. 

8. Systematic planning and monitoring: planning is something basic to understand, not only do you have to be good at planning but also at execution and monitoring, it is knowing what is happening and anticipating the possible challenges that a project may have It is basic, handling statistical information and flow charts and logistics can be your best friends, in addition to providing clarity and helping you make better decisions.

9. Persuasion and support networks: a good entrepreneur knows his strengths and weaknesses, he is the one who knows his areas of opportunity and compensates them with experts in the area to complement his team, his love for his project will give him the weapon of persuasion and will help people believe in you and your product to be part of your team.

10. Independence and self-confidence: this quality is one of the most important, the entrepreneur knows how to work in a team, but he is aware that he knows how to handle things and that he can fend for himself in front of the world, he trusts his abilities and creates an environment ideal for developing an inspiring project.
If you identified with some or most of these points, we congratulate you, you are an entrepreneur, whether active or potential, we recommend you work in your areas of opportunity and grow together with your work team so that you can achieve your goals, believe in your work and face the world with your face high, with a positive spirit and do not give up in the face of adversity.

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