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Balancing the real and virtual worlds

balance Apr 08, 2019

Current technology has brought us many benefits like access to information from almost anywhere in the world where we have access to the internet and from devices that fit in the palm of our hands.  Another benefit that we have is the rapid communication with an unimaginable number of people around the world. This technological change impacts both people as well as companies, to be close to their loved ones or their clients.

Social networks are a very powerful tool to get closer to people that are far away and to be able to share messages on a scale that was deemed impossible just a short time ago.  Many companies and personal brands take advantage of this technology every day to get closer to potential clients and to access audiences that were difficult to reach in the past.  The main problem of social media is that most of us spend too much time looking at our friends and relatives that are far away and neglect the people that are near.

We must learn to use technology in our favor to have a balance between the real world and the virtual world, and to that end we give you some

Suggestions to make sure that technology doesn’t control our lives

Have scheduled times when you will check your email: Checking emails frequently is one of the tasks that takes up a lot of our time and distract us from our daily activities, to avoid this, schedule certain times during which you will check, sort, and follow up on the emails you receive.  You have to find the times that work best for you, for example, when you get to the office, when you come back from lunch, and before you finish your work day.

Schedule times to check your social networks: The excessive use of social media is one of the biggest distractors nowadays.  Like we said in the title, it gets us closer to people we know far away, yet its excessive use can alienate us from the people around us.  Not using a cell phone during group meals and some other similar gatherings are small actions that will help us be present with the people around us.   

Work on your social skills: Social interactions are very important for our development and mental health.  Interaction with others is a basic instinct we possess since childhood and we continue to develop it throughout our lives, even though generally speaking, the older we get, instead of becoming more social, we become more reserved.  It is important to work on our social skills both virtually and in person and to keep a healthy equilibrium between them.

Do more physical activities: Exercising regularly or doing any physical activity that doesn’t require an electronic device will help distract your mind from technology and has many benefits for your body and you will find you have more energy and feel healthier.

Leave time to leave the screens: Many times we are so much into social networks or working on a computer that time flies and before we know it, we have been sitting in front of these devices for hours, give yourself the chance to completely walk away from screens at least a few minutes each hour.  Walk a bit, move from your station and stretch your legs, if possible, close your eyes so that they can rest and thus prevent headaches.

Important Points

These are some suggestions to keep technology on the sidelines and ensure that we don’t waste more time than necessary on social networks. Remember that any excess is not good and that if we don’t take action now, we will one day find that we have wasted all our time on social media in the most unproductive way.

It’s worth mentioning that we’re talking about the use of technology and social media for fun.  If your job involves working directly with social media or in technology, you will have to spend the necessary time on them, and can apply these suggestions for the times you’re on them for entertainment.

Now it’s your turn to implement actions that will help you utilize technology in a way that works in your favor.

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Daniel Díaz Guerrero

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