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5 benefits of relaxing at work

balance relax Mar 23, 2020

It’s good to be at home, maybe you feel more relaxed, you save time, you take advantage of your free time, however you may also be experiencing negative situations like a lack of organization, stress, little productivity, and in a few days you will be begging to go back to your office …

It’s not all bad, and when it comes to work, why not have the best of both worlds and maintain a relaxed and productive work day whether you work from home or at the company?

Currently, many companies are aware of the need and importance of having happy and relaxed associates in their facilities, the good news is that all over the world, companies have already begun to implement areas and techniques so that their workers are better.  One of these are the famous “rest zones” or “chill out areas”, but…is it really worth it to implement them? 

The answer is yes!  Having an area to rest in your company is a great idea that will help the people that work with you to relax, get inspired, and recharge their energy for the right decision-making and to take your company to success, thanks to physical and mental rest during crucial moments during their work day.  

The size and diversity of this space definitely depends on the size and the type of work your company performs, and it can range from a small room to socialize next to the lunch room to a complete social club.  It depends on you, the freedoms and trust you have with and give your work force.  

In the 90´s, many companies in the industry started setting up soccer fields or basketball courts so that their employees would have the chance to go out and clear up their minds and do a bit of sports when they most needed it.  These days, companies like Google teach us that when you lead an industry where creativity and new ideas are part of the daily job, office space becomes insufficient to allow the new ideas and brilliant goals to grow.

Experts in the development of organizational cultures for the largest and most successful companies in the world recommend that their employees rest, thus the use of these areas becomes more and more necessary, since it’s been proven that the level of well-being generated has large financial benefits, besides the ones we mention below:

#1 reducing stress. One of the most serious diseases in the modern world is stress, provoked by excess work and the bad organization of the jobs we have to do.  Companies that implement time to relax within their operations have substantially less problems with diseases caused by stress. 

#2 Encourages Creativity. Creativity is a demanding resource that requires very special characteristics within the environment for its development.  Places that are the most relaxed and with large empathy towards their employees have an easier time with creativity, which has become an ideal factor in order to adapt to the frequent changes in the economic environment we require today more than ever.

#3 Allows socializing and team work. The days when we would lock ourselves in a plainly painted room for hours to work as a team are over.  Recreational areas, with access to technology and in relaxed surroundings have proven to be the best options for team work, especially in multicultural environments, or those which include many different professions.

Some companies have opted to put in international cafeterias, organize competitions for different recreational activities, install pool tables and create pet friendly spaces with the objective of better meeting the company’s goals.

#4 More proactive and less formal meetings.   Work meetings, especially those to develop new products, need a very relaxed and accessible environment, particularly for the new generations, companies like LEGO have created work models where the use of gaming techniques encourages more interaction and the flow of ideas among the new generations and allow for a more productive work space for them.

#5 The Happiness Factor. This factor may take a couple of years still to make it into companies, however, happy employees work better.  It’s a fact that relaxed environments, the possibility of choosing their schedule and surroundings will help your employees be more effective in their work, enjoy every part of their day, and try to grow and improve consistently across the board.

These are 5 of the main benefits of relaxing during the work day, but there are many more, don’t forget to enjoy your work, that’s very important to reach your objectives in the best way possible, keep your positive energy, improve your health, and get better outcomes, both internal and external, for your company.


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