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Set small goals in order to achieve your big dreams

focus goals planning Jan 14, 2019

You’ve probably always heard that you have to set goals in life, but not everyone knows how important this is. Most of the people that have been successful in their lives became so because they set goals and made the effort to reach them. Many dream with having more success in their personal or professional lives, but only a few take on the task of thinking of realistic dreams and then finding ways to make them happen.

Goals help us define exactly what we want to reach and thus help us create a plan to reach those objectives, when we set a goal we convert it into something tangible, it’s not just a dream any more. It is important to have measurable goals and to constantly evaluate them to have a better chance of reaching them, in addition, this offers you the possibility of tracking your progress and keeping you motivated.

It’s important to highlight that the goals we set must have a degree of difficulty that requires effort, but that at the same time are reachable so that if we meet the objective we get the satisfaction of having fulfilled our objective.

Motivation is a very important factor in reaching your goals or objectives, that’s why we believe it is very important that if you have a medium- or long-term goals, you subdivide them into smaller goals that you can reach more often, thus keeping you motivated.

It is very easy to divide goals into smaller blocks. You only have to separate them into whatever smaller blocks of time you decide, what number you have to reach at each point along the way, for this you have to decide how often you will evaluate your performance.

If it’s a simple assessment you will be able to do it on a weekly basis, but if the evaluation will make you invest a lot of time, we recommend that it be once a month or every two months. At the end of the day, you are the one that has to make the decision that is most suitable to your needs.

For example:
If your goal is to take a trip within a year and you created a budget for which you have to save $2400.
You can divide your goal into monthly goals of saving $200 and each month you reach that savings goal will help you stay motivated to reach your objective.
Another example:
If your goal is to get healthy this year you can set sub-goals like:
Exercise 3 times per week.
Drink 2 liters of water per day.
Take vitamins daily.
Have a balanced diet.

Set small goals

The smaller goals will serve to reach your objectives and they are very useful for measuring your performance on each one of them, if you are fulfilling them they keep you motivated to go on. Also, if you realize that you’re failing in a small goal, it gives you the chance to adjust your activities in order to reach the final objective.

In case you realize that you did not achieve the expected results you can make an additional effort to catch up and meet your goal by the next evaluation. In the previous examples, it’s not the same to realize in month 2 that you are 20% behind than realizing this in month 12 when you won’t be able to do anything about it.

It doesn’t matter how big your dreams are, only through continuous follow-up can things be achieved which you previously thought were unreachable.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”
Robert Collier

3 suggestions to reach your small goals:

1.- Move forward one step each day.
It doesn’t matter how big or small the step is, if one day it’s hard for you to exercise 30 minutes, try to do at least 15. Don’t let a day go by knowing that you could have gotten a little bit closer to your objective.
2.- Be patient.
Many of the objectives we set for ourselves take a long time to reach, do not be discouraged if in the first few days you don’t see the expected results, stay motivated and give it your best effort. The rewards will come a little while later.
3.- Write it down and visualize it.
Writing a goal down gives it much greater weight and represents a commitment with yourself to meet that which you decided. Seeing it in writing or in a graph will help you keep your final objective in mind and keep you motivated to reach your objectives.

What are you waiting for to set small goals in order to reach your big dreams?
Don’t leave it till later, start this activity today and we are sure it will change your life forever.

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