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Effective meetings without smartphones

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019

Smartphones are already everywhere, a decade ago few people had one in their hands and today it’s very difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a smart device. But what is the disadvantage of having a smartphone and taking it to work meetings? The answer is simple ...

The distractions!


It is a fact that we all use smartphones for everything nowadays, they have become a very important communication tool, which can be very helpful if used properly, however we also have access to many apps that make us waste time and keep us from concentrating on what matters most.

But... how can you use your phone in a smarter way?


Remember that you are the owner of your time and your actions, do not let technology control you, take control of your priorities once again.


Now, let's talk about the phones at the work meetings ... we spend the day in the expectation of receiving “important” calls or messages without realizing that they will distract us from the central themes of our meeting and will only cause the meetings to lengthen or for the main objectives we needed to address to probably don’t be discussed.


Keep in mind that a meeting should not be too long to be effective, so it is important to devote all your attention for a few minutes avoiding anything that may distract you.


If the meeting you are going to attend is known to have a longer duration, we recommend that you schedule it with resting times, so the members can review urgent issues and return calls so when the time is up they return to the meeting without the phone to continue having an effective session.


Consider that this is a change of habit and is something that must constantly be practiced in order to achieve the best results.


We live so used to being available all the time that at the beginning it can be complicated, however, little by little you will get used to it and you will see the real benefits of being 100% focused on the meeting you are attending.


The recommendations for an effective meeting without distractions are as follows:

  1. Set the no cell policy during the session in advance. Make sure everyone has respected the rule or have a container on hand where they can deposit their phones upon entering the meeting and can retrieve them at the end.
  2. Clearly state the purpose of the meeting and the issues to be addressed. This will help attendees to arrive prepared and the session will be much more effective.
  3. Create a schedule that clearly establishes the total duration of the meeting and the hours dedicated to each topic and to the breaks if they exist. This will help attendees to consider that during that time they will not have access to their cell phones and will be able to take preventive measures in case of any eventuality.
  4. Make sure only the right people are present. If an attendee was summoned by mistake, it is very likely that he will lose interest and become a distraction for the rest of the attendees.
  5. Respect the agreed schedule. This is very important since attendees are likely to have designated other activities after the meeting and not respecting the times will impact the rest of their day.


These are some of the recommendations we have for you, they are part of a more complete list on 9 steps to have more effective meetings. We recommend you read it to complement the information in this blog.


There are studies that show that we use smartphones on average 5 or more hours per day. We invite you to think about how much time you are using it effectively and how much time you are wasting.

It is good to use the different applications such as social networks and games to which we have access, but we must do it in a smart way that does not affect our productivity.

Designate specific times to take a break, distract your mind, and this way you can return motivated to continue with your day's activities.

Remember that smartphones are a very powerful tool in our day and should be used consciously to prevent us from moving away from our goals.


If you want to know a little more about distractions, we invite you to read our blog “The Cost of Distractions”


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