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Work life after the Quarantine

There is no doubt that each fall is an opportunity to learn and get up with your head up high, and after the mega-decline in the productive sector worldwide, it's  about time for all to get up stronger than ever.

In the world, according to the international labor organization, more than 400 million people totally lost their jobs and working hours had a historical reduction at a global level, with Latin America being the most affected region. And that certainly is an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself.


And let's think about this: we are part of the billions of people who have had the opportunity to think differently, to see that the streets are no longer full of traffic at peak hours, that we could have spend more time at home, that realized that it is not essential to be in an office 8 hours or more, 5 or 6 days a week, that generating income should not come from a single source and that for traditional companies and huge corporates, we are a replaceable asset.


This is why absolutely EVERY company in the world must reform after the pandemic, not only to function better, but because people already knew something much better, and it's more than likely that we won't put up for less.

First of all let's talk about the fastest growing sectors, we have seen them grow and will continue to grow are:


# 1 the Health Sector, and what a surprise it was to see that even the most developed countries had a crisis and contingency because they were not prepared with the necessary hospital system to serve all those who needed their help and support, wellness programs and care of the health and effective preventive communication for citizens of all countries globally. So we need to think in a better solution.


# 2 Distance education, and this has had an impressive evolution, educational and communication platforms have multiplied up to 10 or 15 times their size, traditional schools had to transform and adapt their technology to be able to have the minimum necessary reach with their students and the reduction of the enormous technological gap that public education has compared to private schools. This added to the billions of professionals who decided to share their talents through online courses showing all kinds of trades and coaching and cultivating the world's population with all kinds of impressive skills.


# 3 E-commerce with Home Delivery Service, and it seemed that it was a nascent business at the beginning of this year and it is now that it has been forced to grow by force and create quality standards in delivery times and product care, especially when it comes to food, the supermarket and online stores offering thousands of products that were previously only distributed in commercial premises.


# 4 communication, the internet, the telephone and text messages is only the base, thousands of communication platforms are being developed and strengthened daily since social networks and mobile applications that are born and grow day by day, have us led now more than ever to live in specialized digital platforms designed to our tastes and needs.


# 5 cybersecurity, and well with all change and creation, there are also people who want to take advantage of illegally so the creation of protection and rules of healthy use and coexistence are important, creating software that protects us from the evils of the internet is important, so that our teams and users enjoy full security when purchasing our products and services.


So if you still do not have a job and are looking for the places to restart your career or to create a business project, we invite you to take these recommendations into account, remember also that the balance in your life and your career It is important and that it is important to take care of your health, your family and your lifestyle while you work and that not everything in this life is work.


All the learning that you acquired during this quarantine will help you to emerge in a big way and achieve everything that you propose and if within that is creating a digital business, we invite you to take a tour of our course store since "El ABC del Negocio digital" can be an excellent course to boost your project and your talent to create your business in digital and if you still don't know what to do we have "Tu Negocio digital perfecto" a course that will help you land your talents and ideas to be able to create your online business. For now only in spanish version, but soon to be in English.


Remember that you have control of how, when and where you want to work, the salary you want to enter and the working conditions you want and the best way is to create something made to measure, surround yourself with people who think and believe in the same thing as you , feel the satisfaction of creating value for the people around you and be the person you have always dreamed of.


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