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If it's not written it will NOT happen

In all our workshops we repeat this phrase over and over, "If it is not written it will NOT happen." And believe me, I can assure you that this is the case. Whether it is a task you want to accomplish, a goal or a dream to accomplish, if you do not put it in writing it is difficult for your mind to remember.

Your brain has thousands of things to think about, additionally having them in writing will allow you to develop many more things that you will discover next.

Writing your goals forces you to define them clearly, creates a reference point to be able to follow up and also helps you to think and perhaps adjust it, but it is not everything, it also stimulates your creativity as your brain begins to look for creative ideas and thoughts that They are waiting to be released. 

I do not know if it happens to you, but when you start writing something, suddenly you get inspiration and start writing thousands of things that sometimes need to be organized since your brain throws them all at once, that process is very interesting, enjoy it .

It is amazing how when you write your dreams and turn them into goals and objectives you start to generate thousands of ideas on how to achieve them, it will help you "land" your dreams transforming them into motivation to set a date for their fulfillment.

According to a study by Harvard University on setting goals, people who write their goals are more likely to achieve them than those who don't.

A group of students was about to graduate and were asked to set goals for themselves. Some did not write them down, and others set their goals but without writing them, but a small percentage in the group wrote them down. After many years the same boys were interviewed and there was a surprising discovery. Those who set goals and never wrote them earned twice as much as those who never set any goals, however, those who set and scored them earned 10 times more than the second group.

We want you to be like those who earn 10 times more and that's why we give you some tips to write your ideas:

  1. Find a place where you feel relaxed or inspired to write. For me it is a park, the botanical garden, a cozy cafe or just the patio in my house, (the beach would be ideal, but it is far away =)). The important thing is that it is a different place, that you like and that allows you to relax, a place that does not distract you and you can feel inspired, relaxed, and allow yourself to dream 
  2. Take an special notebook with you, one that you have purchased exclusively for this purpose, it does not need to be very expensive, but something that inspires you.
  3. Write down all your ideas, no matter the order in which you arrive, as if you were participating in a brainstorm, write down everything without judging, there will be time to review and order them.
  4. Close your notebook and start listening to music, meditate or just relax, if more ideas come to mind, write them down. I suggest you do this exercise in a period of 2-3 days so that you make sure that you write down all the ideas that occur to you during that time.

Once you have written down everything, it is time to review how important it is for you to realize those dreams and in when. You cannot do everything at the same time, it is important to prioritize.

Ask yourself: What is your biggest dream?

What goals are so important to you that you can't stop thinking about them even for a second?

Separate them  from your list those things that are related to those objectives and create an action plan to achieve them, date it.

[Important] Write those dates on your calendar. Remember "If it is not in writing, it will NOT happen"

Writing down will help you visualize it and inspire you, but the only way you are really going to fulfill your dreams is to date them and make an action plan. Write them down in your daily agenda and make them a reality.

Do not forget to set both personal and professional goals, you, your family and your professional development are equally important. 

So get to work, we are starting a year, a new decade, start taking action, you are a successful entrepreneur.

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Alicia Díaz-Blevins

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