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Focus your energy on being the best version of yourself

focus mission your why Jan 28, 2019

Many of us know from a young age what we want to be when we grow up, and although many times they are just simple fantasies, as we grow up we adapt that idea to what is most interesting to us in each phase of our lives.

The more we grow up, we also develop abilities and aptitudes that make us perfect for an activity and move us further away from the possibility of being good at others, both physical and mental abilities separate each person and make them unique and perfect for a specific activity. 


“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why”.

                                                                                                          William Barclay


Today’s topic is about aligning all of your energy and efforts to those activities that will lead you to achieve all your goals and objectives, but also that will make good use of that inimitable combination of abilities and aptitudes in order to achieve your purpose in life.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an astronaut, doctor, accountant, lawyer, or anything else.  Amazing things happen when you become the best at what you do and focus all your energy in being the best version of yourself.

It is very important that you have defined your purpose in life in order to align all your efforts to it.  We all have different purposes and different ways to advance towards them.  For example; if your purpose is “to help as many people as possible” you can reach that through different paths, from being a teacher who teaches values and the fundamentals of being a good citizen, to being a doctor that saves the lives of patients with serious diseases.  And in between there are thousands of additional options you can decide to take.  What is true is that we all have a purpose, it would be sad to think that there are people in this world without a purpose or benefit.

Once you find that purpose you will have to put your efforts in achieving it and be active in that activity that will help you satisfy that life purpose, and the simple fact that you work in what you like the most will make you feel encouraged to move forward and become even better every day.  We spend a lot of time working each day therefore working in what you’re most passionate about is the best option.  

Finding your life purpose is not always easy, in order to help you we have some questions that will help you determine it.  You have to answer these questions honestly so that the result is realistic.

  1. What activity are you willing to do on a daily basis without being paid for it?
  2. What activity makes you lose track of time?
  3. If you could choose anything, what would you do for the rest of your life?
  4. What would you do if you had only one year to live?
  5. Who do you admire for what they do, or for what they have achieved?
  6. What activity do you do easily and better than most?

Think about your answers, if you are not sure give yourself the homework of really thinking deeply about it, and take as much time as you need.  Review it after a few weeks and assess if you still agree with your answers.

The importance of doing what you’re passionate about is that you will do it better than many who do something similar but because they have to, and that’s where Simon Sinek’s theory about the golden circle comes into place, he says “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. 

4 steps to become the best version of yourself:

1.- Do what you love.

This point is directly linked to your purpose in life and to the questions in the previous section.  If you do what you love you will have the satisfaction that very few currently have and you will be successful in that part of your life.

2.- Don’t judge yourself nor others.

Everyone is playing their own game and makes decisions based on their own reality, therefore in order to feel good about yourself stop being so critical and enjoy each decision without getting frustrated that maybe it wasn’t the right one.  Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and allow those around you to do the same.

3.- Don’t be afraid of failure.

This is one of the biggest obstacles to become the best version of yourself, have the courage to fight for your dreams and do not be afraid to stumble because that’s where you gain the most knowledge and personal growth.  Don’t just settle for what life gives you, go out and search for what you want and each time you stumble, get up, shake it off, and go forward with your new experiences.

4.- Surround yourself with people who motivate you.

Look to interact with people who are on the same channel as you, who don’t settle, and who motivate you to forge ahead and achieve your goals, and you then also motivate those who surround you, to be better every day, that way you are contributing to someone else being the best version of themselves.

Take the first step today!

We know that this path can be difficult but with the right attitude we are sure that you will be able to achieve it.

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