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Continuous improvement, your secret weapon

Stephen Covey, in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", one of the best- selling books internationally, talks about the importance of keeping up to date, he calls it: Sharpen the Saw. And now that we have time, what better chance to do so.

What does the concept Sharpen the Saw mean?

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the story of the lumberjack: sharpen the saw, if you don’t, we share it here with you:

There once was a lumberjack who showed up for work in a sawmill.  The salary was good and the work conditions even better; therefore, the lumberjack decided to use all his experience.

The first day at work he met the foreman, who gave him a saw and designated a work area to him.  The man, excited, came out of the forest and in just one day he had cut down eighteen trees.

- Congratulations, the foreman said; keep it up.

Encouraged by the foreman’s words, he decided to improve his own record, so he went to bed early that night.

In the...

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How to get results despite the circumstances

Historically, crises have made humanity stronger, people have developed a greater sense of empathy because of what’s happening around them and have developed solutions to common problems in innovative and impressive ways. 

One of the most important factors when facing difficult times is attitude.  It will help you be able to look at the best of a situation and thus get the motivation to create amazing things.

When we say that attitude is important, it’s paramount to know that by definition it is a series of thoughts, words and actions emitted by a human being when faced with a particular stuation, now, to develop a positive attitude is a comprehensive process, where these 3 attributes must be balanced and fine-tuned so that the empirical reaction before a contingency is positive. 

Now, before a contingency of a wide magnitude like the one we are living through, the following is recommended to encourage and develop a winning attitude:

1 Maintain a regular...

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How to avoid distractions working from home

During this time of crisis in which many people have lost their jobs and others have been sent to work from home, it’s important to learn to deal with distractions so that they don’t affect our productivity.

For many companies, this time of quarantine is a test period for working from home, that’s why it’s important that we show them that we can have the same level of efficiency working than when we go into the office, so that in the future when everything has gone back to “normal” we have the possibility of telecommuting some days, having our bosses trust that we will be performing just as we would if we were in the office.

Before going deeper into the suggestions, I want to tell you that not all distractions are bad, and that statistically, distracted people have a greater potential to find unique and different solutions to problems. However, today we will talk about the cost of distractions when we are working.

Distractions can help us or...

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Actions to take during uncertain times

It’s undeniable that we are going through times of great uncertainty, just a few weeks ago we were joking about Friday the 13th, we would receive our checks a couple of times a month and perhaps we were making travel plans for Spring Break, Holy Week, Summer, etc. 

And suddenly, only a few days after, we are in complete uncertainty.  We don’t really know what’s happening, many businesses, especially small ones, are closing, cutting staff, and maybe you’re wondering if you’re going to have a job next month and on top of these questions there’s the stress and even fear about what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Like in any unexpected situation, we go through a moment of shock (we don’t understand what’s happening), after a period of denial ("this is not going to happen to me”) or the opposite, many people panicked and that’s the reason for the incredible lack in the supply of toilet paper (I still don’t have...

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5 benefits of relaxing at work

balance relax Mar 23, 2020

It’s good to be at home, maybe you feel more relaxed, you save time, you take advantage of your free time, however you may also be experiencing negative situations like a lack of organization, stress, little productivity, and in a few days you will be begging to go back to your office …

It’s not all bad, and when it comes to work, why not have the best of both worlds and maintain a relaxed and productive work day whether you work from home or at the company?

Currently, many companies are aware of the need and importance of having happy and relaxed associates in their facilities, the good news is that all over the world, companies have already begun to implement areas and techniques so that their workers are better.  One of these are the famous “rest zones” or “chill out areas”, but…is it really worth it to implement them? 

The answer is yes!  Having an area to rest in your company is a great idea that will help the...

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The art of saying NO

focus saying no Mar 16, 2020

Nobody likes to be the bad guy of the movie, many times we find ourselves saying YES to something because we feel obligated, or because we are the type of people who like to please, although we really want to say no, since we know that if we commit to more things, we’ll set aside other things that are important to us. 

You’ll say, how do you think I’ll be able say no to my boss, who is asking me to do this by tomorrow, or to my friend who is asking me for a favor, or for whatshisname that is asking, etc. etc. etc.?

To tell you the truth, between your job, your projects for this year and your daily obligations that have to be taken care of, you have very little time to do the things that you want and need to do, imagine if you add more?

We can believe that the things we want to do for ourselves can be set aside in order to deal with this new commitment, but let me tell you, that’s the worst mistake. 

For example, as I’ve seen on many occasions,...

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Write down your ideas and get better results.

balance focus habits strategy Mar 09, 2020

In this dynamic and changing world, if we don’t prioritize, we’ll go crazy.  
There are times when I’m driving and I remember something that I have to do, or I’m listening to a podcast or an audiobook and I hear an idea that seems interesting enough to investigate, I’m listening to a co-worker and he or she gives me a tip that I jot down to look into later…

Throughout the day, thousands of opportunities to generate interesting ideas for your business will present themselves, however, this can be overwhelming if we don’t have a system to write all of this down and give them priority.

One of these ideas could be very valuable and if you don’t write it down you could lose incredible opportunities.
“Emprendedores” Magazine  shared a recent study which mentions that if you take just five minutes to write down your pending tasks, you could fall asleep faster.  Researchers supervised a group of college...

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Do more in less time, the best productivity technique

Efficient time management and successfully maintaining your focus during certain periods are 2 activities that are in crisis, and they need all our concentration to help them.

Nowadays we have more distractions around us, which leads to fragile and sensitive periods of complete focus, which in turn astonishingly affects our ability to execute tasks in an ideal turnaround time and generates stress and frustration among those who perform them 

And it seems that the whole world demands more and more from us, it expects us to multitask at all times in order to take advantage of the 24 hours of our day and thus execute all of the pending tasks on our To Do List, and they are not enough to get rid of that list which gets longer day by day. 

A few years ago, in the 80´s to be exact, an Italian named un Francesco Cirillo developed a time management technique called “the Pomodoro technique” which consists of designating periods of time of ...

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The magic of “how to” through a positive attitude

Each day we find different situations that are not always what we were expecting, but it’s in our hands to decide how we are going to face them and what we can do to improve those situations.

From the moment we wake up, it’s in our hands to decide to start the day in a bad mood, with optimism, joy, sadness, etc.  And during the whole day we have the possibility of making the decision of how to receive and react to everything that presents itself.

We constantly attract to our lives the energies that we manifest.  If we have positive energy and treat every situation with optimism, we will find that positive outcomes come our way, if we are constantly giving off negative energy we will run across unpleasant situations at each step of our journey.  It’s not an easy process but here we will tell you how to identify positive attitudes.

Adopting a positive attitude helps us face everything that life throws at us day to day.  A positive attitude will...

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Networking, creating win-win relationships

networking win-win Feb 17, 2020

If we ask different people what networking (social networks) is, we will find many different answers, and these will depend on how much they use this important personal and professional activity. 

In any industry or professional level, networks help you make connections in a personal way and to build relationships of support and respect in order to discover and create mutual benefits.  This is an important point, to make business connections not only for your benefit, but also to share and mutually help each other to reach your goals.  The main objective is to meet people, form a trusting relationship, get involved, and provide support.  Perhaps sometimes you will realize that the products or services do not necessarily have anything to do with yours, but maybe you know someone who could benefit. 

Imagine attending those events with the mentality to help and collaborate with other people or companies, the amount of satisfaction and knowledge you will get...

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