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Business Associations: Cost or Benefit?

Several years ago I worked for a business association in Mexico, and something that I doubtless learned was that all the benefits you get depend completely on you and on your participation in it, remember that it is useless if you buy a book but never read it, or if you sign up for a class and do not put into practice what you learn, the more you get involved in the activities that the association organizes, the more you will gain from it.   

Often we stop doing something that interests us or that we like because of the cost it could entail, however, we don’t always see that the benefits could be greater.  Today I’d like to invite you to analyze all the advantages you could obtain if you actively participated in these business associations, and you will see that what you get out of it will be at least 3 times the cost you put in.

I’ve had the opportunity to belong to several associations in Mexico as well as in the United States and I would like to...

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The cost of Distractions

distractions focus Aug 19, 2019

First of all, I want to say that distractions are not all that bad and that statistically, distracted persons have the great potential to find solutions to problems in ways that are unique and different.  With that being said, today we will talk about the cost of distractions while we are performing our jobs.  Distractions can help or affect us in different ways, and normally happen suddenly, at a bad time, and unexpectedly.  However, there are things we can do to avoid getting distracted and meet our objectives despite them.  In order to be able to work and classify our distractions, you must be very aware of them and follow these suggestions:

1.        Identify the type of distraction:

Distractions normally behave like noise in your mind and lead to not being able to concentrate 100% on the task or responsibility at hand.  This noise can come from your own thoughts, or from something or someone external. ...

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Saving money? What for?

focus planning saving Aug 12, 2019

Very few people these days are in the habit of saving money.  Not only for future purchases we would like to make but also to be prepared for a future that’s full of uncertainty and changes.  It’s important to consider that for younger people in different countries in Latin America and the world in general, we will find a huge difference regarding retirement funds we will have access to.  There have been many changes that affect the new generations, therefore it is very important to learn to save from an early age and thus have financial security later in our lives.

These days where we’re surrounded by credit cards, we somehow think that the available funds in these cards are ours already and we spend without moderation.  We don’t make a budget for our expenses and then we have difficulty fulfilling our financial responsibilities, pay our credit cards, pay other debts, and we don’t have the chance to enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

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The importance of hobbies

balance Jul 29, 2019

I’d like to start this blog siding with the belief that all of us human beings are different, we have a set of abilities and tastes that, combined with our experience, make us unique and inimitable, now, that authenticity derives from our past experiences, is guided by our mentors, and molded by the opportunities and detailed by the decisions we have made throughout our life, and from that precise combination arise hobbies, and hobbies are activities that we like to do based on a certain passion that makes us feel we are in the right place while we are doing them because they use our skills and abilities 100% and make our minds and our bodies work in different ways.

The greatest experts have told us throughout history that we must have at least 3 hobbies to function optimally, be more productive, and allow our daily activities to become our passion and make us feel triumphant in our projects, without generating excessive fatigue, stress, or damaging effects to our health, the...

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Avoid negative thoughts that hold you back

success thoughts Jul 22, 2019

Many times we find unique opportunities in our path and we decide not to take them because of our own negative thoughts, those are the only signals we send to our brain, and they carry with them emotional baggage that leads us to believe that the best decision is to let that opportunity pass by.   The reality is that we self-sabotage ourselves more often than you think, here you will find the most common negative thoughts that could be holding you back and how to avoid them.

The 5 most common negative thoughts:

1.- I can’t: This is the most destructive negative thought, and within it we can include thoughts like “it’s too late” or “I’m not good enough”. These thoughts lead you to believe that you are not capable of doing something even when you have not yet attempted to do it.  The worst thing is that this brings us to the million-dollar question: “What would have happened if…”

Don’t keep...

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Is it time to change?

change Jul 15, 2019

Has it happened to you that sometimes you feel that you work and work and you not only don’t move forward, but you feel tired and at times upset, you talk with some people and they tell you “don’t worry, things will get better” or “everything will work out”.  But what happens if you have been waiting for that and things are not improving?

During those moments we invite you to stop on your tracks and think about:

  • What things are you doing right?
  • Which ones are you doing wrong?
  • Which ones can you improve?

All of this based on your goals, remember:  

You will be able to achieve anything, if you know your goals.

Often what happens to us along the way is that we forget what we want to achieve, what excites us, what we are passionate about, what makes us daydream, that which thrills us.

Let’s be honest, we set our goals at the beginning of the year, right?  But, how frequently do we review them? Establish an action plan to reach...

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Which one is the correct tool for you?

productivity tools Jul 08, 2019

We have all heard that the appropriate use of technology tools to increase our productivity is of vital importance and it’s true, most of them are available today as apps for cell phones or pc’s, however Google Play has more than 3.5 million apps available for downloading, 10-15% of which are focused on helping you be more productive, from very general ones to very detailed ones, and it is here that the question of the week arises, which ones are the appropriate ones for me?  Choosing only one can leave you wanting in some areas and choosing too many can have the opposite of the desired effect.

So, how to choose? Well, this definitely depends on how you like to work and how much connectivity you want with the people around you.

#1 Check what apps your closest co-workers are using, one of the greatest benefits of the digital era is connectivity, there are applications that allow you to share notes, files, events, tasks, and responsibilities in seconds with others...

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How to Change Negative Behaviors

behaviors Jul 01, 2019

It is very easy to lapse into negative behaviors, both because of our always busy lifestyles and because of access to social networks, which lead us to compare ourselves with the lives of other people and to think that we are not doing as well as they are.  The truth is that everyone progresses at their own pace and you not only have to compare your situation with other people you consider successful, but also with those that do not have the same opportunities as you do.

Normally we focus on the negative and we get bogged down with everything we do not have or with what we would like to have, and we take for granted many things we end up considering as normal and for which we should be very grateful instead.

There are several negative behaviors, but there are simple methods you can start to use in order to prevent any negative behaviors from taking control of your life.

  1. Focus on yourself and on your development.

Take the first step to change your negative behaviors and...

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Avoid working when overwhelmed

focus Jun 24, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed is by definition a saturation of thoughts that create worry, fatigue and stress and it is then that our brain, in order to protect itself from overload, avoids having thoughts that could give us clarity to look for solutions, take action, and think properly.

The highly regarded university UNAM recently revealed a study where Mexico is one of the most toxic countries in the world when it comes to working in companies (almost 85% of companies in the country are ranked this way), this taking into account the actions companies take for taking care of the people and how they ensure both their physical and mental well-being, as well as their plans for motivation and personal development, and although it may sound very simple, it’s not, since this leaves us among one of the countries where they rate of psychological disorders and mortality due to stress at work is one of the highest in the world.

Now, the most common factors for stress at work and the ones that...

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How to include your family in your vision

balance vision Jun 17, 2019

Family has historically been considered the greatest driving force and source of inspiration for human beings, and including this family unit in your goals and dreams can help you accomplish them or get to them faster.  But this is not the only reason why you should include your family in your vision. 

The role of each member in the dreams and goals.

We all have personal dreams and goals, but there are some dreams in which all or several members of the family participate, and they all have to do their part to make them a reality as well.  Some examples could be to save for a new car or to organize a trip to a destination that interests all, among many others.  What’s important is that when it is a shared goal, all have to do their part in order to achieve the goal or dream we’re talking about.

This is very important because for the youngest in the family who are not old enough to work to help out with money, they can help out in other ways, involving...

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