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5 Ways to keep a positive attitude at work

attitude Oct 25, 2018

Keeping a positive attitude at work is as important as your professional development, eating healthy or resting. 

Negativity within a team is contagious and, once a person begins to complain and be negative, the rest of the group may do the same. In addition, complaints and negativity only lead to negative emotions that end up directly impacting our productivity and, more importantly, our happiness. 

Keeping a positive attitude at work is priceless.

Let's think, the most successful people are those who always maintain a positive and trusting attitude, even when everything seems to be breaking down. 

How to do it? If you love what you do and enjoy your work, it's obviously easier. Unfortunately, not everybody works on something that they are passionate about, however you can also enjoy it knowing that the work you do has a positive impact on somebody else's. 

Here are 5 ways to keep a positive attitude at work:

  1. Maintain a team spirit. Congratulate your...
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Email management, one of the most important tasks to increase your productivity

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2018

Has it happened to you that you turn to look at your cell phone or your computer only to find hundreds of email notifications and you do not even want to open your inbox? 

You may feel overwhelmed and you do not even know where to start, and you wonder, how long will it take to review all of that?


It is possible that your Inbox has an infinite variety of emails between newsletters, offers, promotions, spam, copies of messages from other collaborators where perhaps you should not even be included in the first place, and most likely some really important communications, including urgent ones from clients, suppliers, collaborators, bosses or partners, which are lost in the immensity of emails received every day.


How do you manage to solve this problem? we would like to know your opinion. Send us your comments to [email protected]


Get 5 tips to better manage your emails here

5 Tips to Manage your Emails


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