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Goal or Process?

focus planning Apr 29, 2019

In our courses and talks we have mentioned how important it is to have a vision, an objective, a dream, since these are one of the keys to achieve success.  Human beings need a focus, something to work towards, a vision that excites us.  It’s the perfect motivator.  Without it, our lives seem not to make sense and we feel stuck.

However, as with everything, when taken to the extreme it could generate a stressful situation and therefore lead to a lack of focus.  Concentrating only on the final objective can make your brain abandon the excitement of the current moment and forget to enjoy the process.

When the final objective turns into the main objective, a situation develops where we don’t feel happy with the place we currently find ourselves in, we want to reach that goal, whatever the cost; we don’t feel satisfied where we are right now, we want to be “there”.  It is a reinforcement for our subconscious mind that we feel we are...

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Don’t let your excuses take over

excuses focus Apr 22, 2019

We all have different goals and objectives in life, many of them fill us with excitement and keep us motivated, and there are others we are not so enthusiastic about, but we know they are for our own good.  Everything is quite easy at the beginning since we find ourselves motivated, but little by little you start having doubts and negative thoughts get into our head and we start getting off track and another month goes by without having finished what we had wanted to do so much.  There are many reasons why we fail, but in almost all cases the reasons we have are really excuses. 

The 4 main excuses we give for not achieving our goals are:

“I can’t”

“I don’t know how”

“I don’t have money”

“I don’t have time”

You’re probably identifying with more than one of them right now, and can remember a time when you used each one of them.  This is completely normal and it’s happened to most of...

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7 tips to make your vacations more productive

balance tips vacations Apr 15, 2019

Vacations were made to rest!, That’s the phrase we all tell ourselves the second our last day of work ends, just before we go on vacation, and we really meant it, until we get home and realize that our days off won’t be as restful as we thought, but guess what? We CAN plan how our vacation will be.
Many of us use our days off to catch up on the 8,000,000 things we have to do besides our jobs, and when that short period of time when we are off ends, we are more tired than before we went on “vacation”. In order to avoid that, we must be more productive and clearly note the difference between what you want to do, what you have to do, and what you are able to do.

7 Tips that will help you be more productive during your vacation.

#1 The reality: Make a list of everything that you have to do and everything that you want to do, writing down our to-do list will helps us visually realize the magnitude of what we intend to do and will help us make better decisions....

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Balancing the real and virtual worlds

balance Apr 08, 2019

Current technology has brought us many benefits like access to information from almost anywhere in the world where we have access to the internet and from devices that fit in the palm of our hands.  Another benefit that we have is the rapid communication with an unimaginable number of people around the world. This technological change impacts both people as well as companies, to be close to their loved ones or their clients.

Social networks are a very powerful tool to get closer to people that are far away and to be able to share messages on a scale that was deemed impossible just a short time ago.  Many companies and personal brands take advantage of this technology every day to get closer to potential clients and to access audiences that were difficult to reach in the past.  The main problem of social media is that most of us spend too much time looking at our friends and relatives that are far away and neglect the people that are near.

We must learn to use...

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Teach your children by example

leading teaching Apr 01, 2019

Teaching your children by example is the most effective way to teach.  Children and youths maybe won’t remember what you told them, it is said that actions speak louder than words, they learn very well from the things we do, good or bad, and especially from those we do with consistency.

Setting a good example is one of the best tools a parent has to educate his children.  Sigmund Freud bases part of his theory on the fact that childhood determines life as an adult.  The first years of life are vital for the development of your child, therefore it is important that you know that, since the moment they’re born, children start learning.  Do you know what the first learning technique is that they use?  Observation.  They look at each step you take, they imitate your actions and follow your movements.  

Children are like sponges, they’re pure, they arrive in the world with the thirst to learn.  They have a spotless heart which...

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Use your commute

balance productiviity tips Mar 25, 2019

It’s a fact of life that in big cities and because of constant changes in our lives we have to constantly commute from one place to another, be it in a car, public transportation, planes, trains, or buses.  The time we invest in moving from place to place either for business or pleasure is always getting longer and most people consider all that travel time as lost time and end up wasting it.

What can I do?

There are many ways to use all that time for our benefit, here we will talk about some of them and about some tips that will help us make the most of each minute.

An excellent use of the commute is to keep ourselves up to date with books that will support your development or that count as continuing education.  Whether you prefer to hold a physical book or to listen to an audio book, either one will offer you an excellent opportunity to continue learning about subjects that interest you while you commute from place to place, the advantage of audio books is that you...

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One thing at a time

focus Mar 18, 2019

Last week we talked about the importance of taking a good vacation, since it relieves stress, helps improve your mental health which allows you to be more creative, and find sources of inspiration to solve problems, a lot of them even beyond “normal” solutions or as we say, think outside the box.
However, it is also true that the day before we have to go back to work, we start experiencing anxiety just thinking about all the things we will have to do as soon as we get back:  the number of emails we have to check, get up to date on several things we have to deal with and catch up on the meetings we did not attend, plus the work that probably piled during that week. 
This is precisely one of the reasons why many people think twice about going on vacation since they know what’s going to be waiting for them when they come back, or maybe they decide not to completely disconnect to somehow reduce the work load once back from vacation. 

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The importance of vacations

balance Mar 11, 2019

How often do you take vacation days from work?  Your answer will probably be “Not often enough”. You’re now probably thinking back on the last few years and about what you have done to enjoy those well-deserved vacations that are the result of years at the job.  Do you really plan your vacations to spend with your family, or do you just take a day off here and there when you have some type of emergency?

This time we will talk about the importance of taking days off to rest and to use those days to recharge your energy, relieve stress, and to do things you normally cannot.  You don’t have to go to another city or country to have a real vacation.  There are people who plan trips with their families and there are people who prefer to stay at home, rest, and make improvements or renovations they normally don’t have time for.

What’s important is that you completely disconnect from work and that you spend the time doing...

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Your development: cost or investment

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of sharpening the saw, as Stephen Covey describes in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, regarding habit #7 and we talked about the importance of learning every day, keeping current.  Don’t do what others do, leaving it for later because the truth is that, if we do not make the commitment and include it in our weekly to-do list, it’s not going to happen.

And what will happen if we don’t do it?  Well, it will just continue to have a negative impact on our productivity levels as well as on our short and long term efficiency. 

That negative impact can be financial as well as on our health and other aspects of our life.  Financial in the sense, as we said in the Excel spreadsheet example, of not knowing the program very well, which causes us to take a lot longer to do calculations or build a project than if we were to do it using the systematized functions built into the tool.  For...

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Work less and achieve more

achieve focus Feb 25, 2019

We have talked about topics related to productivity and to concentrate on the tasks that will help us advance towards meeting our objectives faster, but there’s another important factor that will help us reduce the time it takes us to perform a specific activity.  Especially when talking about repetitive activities like preparing a report, doing some sort of evaluation, filling out a survey, organizing paperwork, creating forms, etc.  These are activities that, although we don’t have to do them daily, we most likely encounter them once or twice a month.

The idea of this factor is that we become experts in those types of activities so that each time we perform them with less effort and in less time, and this will allow us to invest more time in those activities we’re not so familiar with or where there is no specific starting point due to the nature of the task.

Continuous improvement

Most continuous improvement methodologies focus on organizations. ...

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