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Are you feeling overwhelmed with a big list of things to do? Learn to say NO

focus Jan 21, 2019

No one likes to be the villain, very often we find ourselves saying YES when asked to do something, because we feel obligated to do so, or because we are the type of person who likes to please, although we really want to say no, since we already know that if we commit ourselves to do even more things, other activities that are important to us will end up being neglected.

Maybe, you are going to tell me, how am I going to say no to my boss, who is asking me to finish this by tomorrow?, or to my friend that’s asking me for a favor?, or to so and so that’s asking me for this and that, etc. etc. etc.?

But honestly, between your job, your projects for this year, and your daily obligations, you have very little time to do all the things you want and need to do, imagine if you add more?

We may think that the things we want to do for ourselves can be set aside, in order to deal with this new commitment, but let me tell you something, that is the worst mistake!

For example, many...

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Set small goals in order to achieve your big dreams

focus goals planning Jan 14, 2019

You’ve probably always heard that you have to set goals in life, but not everyone knows how important this is. Most of the people that have been successful in their lives became so because they set goals and made the effort to reach them. Many dream with having more success in their personal or professional lives, but only a few take on the task of thinking of realistic dreams and then finding ways to make them happen.

Goals help us define exactly what we want to reach and thus help us create a plan to reach those objectives, when we set a goal we convert it into something tangible, it’s not just a dream any more. It is important to have measurable goals and to constantly evaluate them to have a better chance of reaching them, in addition, this offers you the possibility of tracking your progress and keeping you motivated.

It’s important to highlight that the goals we set must have a degree of difficulty that requires effort, but that at the same time are reachable...

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A To-Do list saves you from going crazy

focus planning Jan 07, 2019

At times I would like to be one of those people that never uses a to-do list. I hear things like “It’s all in my head” or “I like to be flexible and see how my day goes”, “I don’t like to feel tied down”
etc. etc.

In a way that sounds fabulous, it seems you have everything under control, you are so relaxed that you don’t have to worry about what comes next or maybe you don’t have the faintest idea how to take control of your life and choose to ignore the situation and that’s why you use those arguments without realizing it. Or maybe you truly feel that you have everything under control and worry never clouds your mind. Congratulations!

Personally, I like to have things under control and use a “to-do list”, since otherwise my mind cannot concentrate on the things that are important, because I start worrying and thinking that maybe I’m forgetting something since I didn’t write it down and then...

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The Pomodoro Technique? What is that?

focus planning Dec 06, 2018

A subject we frequently encounter when we talk about productivity is time management and how most of us endure an extraordinary number of tasks we have to accomplish in a normal day and we know that the 24 hours we have will not be enough to get them done with the techniques we normally use.

A very simple but powerful tool that we frequently use in our work sessions is known as “The Pomodoro Technique”, which is a time management technique that was developed by Italian Francesco Cirillo at the end of the 1980’s.

This technique consists of using a timer to create intervals of work and rest, permitting full concentration on an activity during a time period and allowing the person to get distracted and relax during another shorter period of time.  Many theories exist regarding time intervals, and the original break down is 25 minutes of efficient work with 5 minutes of rest.  This 25/5 interval is known as “a pomodoro”. But we have...

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Good planning allows you to turn goals into achievements

focus planning Nov 22, 2018

Planning is one of the most important steps to achieve your goals, whether you work for a company, have your own business, work on your own or want to achieve a personal goal.

You can have different objectives with different degrees of importance and difficulty, as well as different deadlines to meet them, but something they will always have in common is THE NEED to establish a plan to achieve them.

In your personal and professional life, it is most likely you have goals that you want to fulfill. Planning will allow you to turn those objectives into realities. It allows you to design an action plan to achieve those goals in the timeframe that you want.

At the beginning of this year you may have created your "New Year's resolutions" and now that the year is ending you review them and you may-- realize that many of them HAVEN'T BEEN achieved and may NOT HAVE EVEN BEGUN. AT THIS POINT you may have started thinking what is the reason? It may have been lack of proper planning.

We do not...

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5 Tips to Become a Pro at Networking

networking Nov 09, 2018

Networking is a very common practice among entrepreneurs and in the business environment. It is not only collecting business cards, but creating and strengthening relationships.

The networking meetings are events organized many times by associations or business groups, with the purpose of exchanging information and contacts to obtain possible collaborations in the near future. Remember that collaboration is not between businesses but between people.

There are many benefits of networking, including: Getting to know potential customers,  suppliers/providers, associations or even investors, and increase the visibility of your company among others.

To get good results in a networking event, here are some tips to help you break the ice and create bonds that will allow you to grow your business. 

  1. Be proactive. Do not wait for people to approach you, start the conversation. At first it will seem intimidating, but little by little you will get used to it and it will...
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5 Ways to keep a positive attitude at work

attitude Oct 25, 2018

Keeping a positive attitude at work is as important as your professional development, eating healthy or resting. 

Negativity within a team is contagious and, once a person begins to complain and be negative, the rest of the group may do the same. In addition, complaints and negativity only lead to negative emotions that end up directly impacting our productivity and, more importantly, our happiness. 

Keeping a positive attitude at work is priceless.

Let's think, the most successful people are those who always maintain a positive and trusting attitude, even when everything seems to be breaking down. 

How to do it? If you love what you do and enjoy your work, it's obviously easier. Unfortunately, not everybody works on something that they are passionate about, however you can also enjoy it knowing that the work you do has a positive impact on somebody else's. 

Here are 5 ways to keep a positive attitude at work:

  1. Maintain a team spirit. Congratulate your...
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Email management, one of the most important tasks to increase your productivity

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2018

Has it happened to you that you turn to look at your cell phone or your computer only to find hundreds of email notifications and you do not even want to open your inbox? 

You may feel overwhelmed and you do not even know where to start, and you wonder, how long will it take to review all of that?


It is possible that your Inbox has an infinite variety of emails between newsletters, offers, promotions, spam, copies of messages from other collaborators where perhaps you should not even be included in the first place, and most likely some really important communications, including urgent ones from clients, suppliers, collaborators, bosses or partners, which are lost in the immensity of emails received every day.


How do you manage to solve this problem? we would like to know your opinion. Send us your comments to [email protected]


Get 5 tips to better manage your emails here

5 Tips to Manage your Emails


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