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Where do I start? 5 tips to manage change

We would have never imagined that we would have to get on a really long waiting line to get into the grocery store and that when we could finally enter we would find out that there are no more essential things like meat, eggs, vegetables, toilet paper, etc. because a lot of people panicked and made scary purchases. We did not imagine that overnight we would be locked up at home, that all the places we used to go would be closed.

No dining in our favorite restaurant, we can't go to the movies, to the theater, to an open-air concert, schools are closed, kids at home, our spring and summer vacations cancelled, and the news tell us that now that we can't go anywhere If we do not wear a mask and we must also be a meter and a half away from people, we cannot see our family, our parents, our uncles, our close friends. And what about the economy, markets to the ground, closed companies, people without jobs, empty streets, etc. etc.

Ufff just thinking about everything we lost from one moment...

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Is it time to change?

change Jul 15, 2019

Has it happened to you that sometimes you feel that you work and work and you not only don’t move forward, but you feel tired and at times upset, you talk with some people and they tell you “don’t worry, things will get better” or “everything will work out”.  But what happens if you have been waiting for that and things are not improving?

During those moments we invite you to stop on your tracks and think about:

  • What things are you doing right?
  • Which ones are you doing wrong?
  • Which ones can you improve?

All of this based on your goals, remember:  

You will be able to achieve anything, if you know your goals.

Often what happens to us along the way is that we forget what we want to achieve, what excites us, what we are passionate about, what makes us daydream, that which thrills us.

Let’s be honest, we set our goals at the beginning of the year, right?  But, how frequently do we review them? Establish an action plan to reach...

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