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Avoid perfection, get great results

It’s probably happened to you, your goal is to do a project or to accomplish something you’ve always dreamed of, but after a while you feel stuck looking for perfection and you put it aside because you have to have everything done perfectly each step of the way.  And if this happened to you, you probably stopped working on the project and it’s still not finished! What is better, to keep working on it even if it’s not perfect, or to have everything done to perfection before going on?

Some goals can be vague, or so large that we don’t know where to start.  We may feel overwhelmed and feel like we don’t have the time or the resources to achieve them, or it may be that we are adopting someone else’s dreams and goals and that they are not what we really want, or that we are not willing to begin because we are afraid we will fail.  But as human beings we are imperfect and that is what makes us unique.

Perfection should never be our...

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Your development: cost or investment

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of sharpening the saw, as Stephen Covey describes in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, regarding habit #7 and we talked about the importance of learning every day, keeping current.  Don’t do what others do, leaving it for later because the truth is that, if we do not make the commitment and include it in our weekly to-do list, it’s not going to happen.

And what will happen if we don’t do it?  Well, it will just continue to have a negative impact on our productivity levels as well as on our short and long term efficiency. 

That negative impact can be financial as well as on our health and other aspects of our life.  Financial in the sense, as we said in the Excel spreadsheet example, of not knowing the program very well, which causes us to take a lot longer to do calculations or build a project than if we were to do it using the systematized functions built into the tool.  For...

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