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Balance = Success

balance motivation success Dec 09, 2019

I have always been known as somebody who works hard, but believe it or not, this has not always given me the best results. Well they say that excesses are bad, right?

Let me tell you, when I am at work, I am focused on what I am doing, I review my daily tasks, I organize them, I schedule the time needed to do whatever I need to do and work had to get the results. But there is always something unexpected that makes me reorganize my agenda and it is fine, it is part of the daily work, however, sometimes there are so many things that I do nonstop, that I end up working at night, outside my work schedule.

I work using social networks, since my clients are there, additionally there is always an email more to review or a message to answer, and the list goes on and on and on, Do you find yourself in the same situation?

Many times I finish working so late that I don't have time for anything but sleep to get up very early so I have time to do everything I have to do. It is here that I forget...

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Bonuses: A boost to productivity

Bonuses are tangible incentives that promote the productivity of the co-workers, but, do they really help me be more productive? 

These incentives are normally given as a reward or are merit-based because of the effort that was put forth, for having exceeded the expected results when fulfilling an activity or several activities within a defined time-frame.

Let’s look at it this way; many employees all around the world have enjoyed these incentives that motivate us to focus on our jobs, to put forth a little more effort when performing our tasks, thus focusing on our goals, however, some business people and entrepreneurs have come to doubt the effectiveness of them and I have to tell you, this depends 100% on structuring and presenting the bonus correctly.

Next, I will talk about which factors must be considered before implementing a bonus in your company or your business so that you not only avoid throwing money away but so that you can truly and properly motivate the...

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