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Networking, creating win-win relationships

networking win-win Feb 17, 2020

If we ask different people what networking (social networks) is, we will find many different answers, and these will depend on how much they use this important personal and professional activity. 

In any industry or professional level, networks help you make connections in a personal way and to build relationships of support and respect in order to discover and create mutual benefits.  This is an important point, to make business connections not only for your benefit, but also to share and mutually help each other to reach your goals.  The main objective is to meet people, form a trusting relationship, get involved, and provide support.  Perhaps sometimes you will realize that the products or services do not necessarily have anything to do with yours, but maybe you know someone who could benefit. 

Imagine attending those events with the mentality to help and collaborate with other people or companies, the amount of satisfaction and knowledge you will get...

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Business Associations: Cost or Benefit?

Several years ago I worked for a business association in Mexico, and something that I doubtless learned was that all the benefits you get depend completely on you and on your participation in it, remember that it is useless if you buy a book but never read it, or if you sign up for a class and do not put into practice what you learn, the more you get involved in the activities that the association organizes, the more you will gain from it.   

Often we stop doing something that interests us or that we like because of the cost it could entail, however, we don’t always see that the benefits could be greater.  Today I’d like to invite you to analyze all the advantages you could obtain if you actively participated in these business associations, and you will see that what you get out of it will be at least 3 times the cost you put in.

I’ve had the opportunity to belong to several associations in Mexico as well as in the United States and I would like to...

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5 Tips to Become a Pro at Networking

networking Nov 09, 2018

Networking is a very common practice among entrepreneurs and in the business environment. It is not only collecting business cards, but creating and strengthening relationships.

The networking meetings are events organized many times by associations or business groups, with the purpose of exchanging information and contacts to obtain possible collaborations in the near future. Remember that collaboration is not between businesses but between people.

There are many benefits of networking, including: Getting to know potential customers,  suppliers/providers, associations or even investors, and increase the visibility of your company among others.

To get good results in a networking event, here are some tips to help you break the ice and create bonds that will allow you to grow your business. 

  1. Be proactive. Do not wait for people to approach you, start the conversation. At first it will seem intimidating, but little by little you will get used to it and it will...
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