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Work life after the Quarantine

There is no doubt that each fall is an opportunity to learn and get up with your head up high, and after the mega-decline in the productive sector worldwide, it's  about time for all to get up stronger than ever.

In the world, according to the international labor organization, more than 400 million people totally lost their jobs and working hours had a historical reduction at a global level, with Latin America being the most affected region. And that certainly is an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself.


And let's think about this: we are part of the billions of people who have had the opportunity to think differently, to see that the streets are no longer full of traffic at peak hours, that we could have spend more time at home, that realized that it is not essential to be in an office 8 hours or more, 5 or 6 days a week, that generating income should not come from a single source and that for traditional companies and huge corporates, we are a replaceable asset.


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