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Best podcast for entrepreneurs

As we have discussed before, technology is an entrepreneur's best friend, and yet the acquisition of knowledge, the collection of information, and learning about new tools can be a more complex task than it seems especially when we seek truthfulness and the quality of the information we receive.


And it would seem that despite all these tools that help us save time and be efficient, we have less and less time to invest it in our knowledge, for this podcasts were created, small nuclei of information created by experts and inexperienced people sharing their experiences, experiences and failures to give you a point of view so that you can learn in an easy and fun way, you can find them on places like YouTube, Spotify, TEDx, SoundCloud or their own websites and streaming platforms:


  1. The Mind Your Business Podcast

 James wedmore in more than 400 episodes is going to take you through a journey of fun and dynamic podcasts revolving around different topics related to...

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