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How to avoid distractions working from home

During this time of crisis in which many people have lost their jobs and others have been sent to work from home, it’s important to learn to deal with distractions so that they don’t affect our productivity.

For many companies, this time of quarantine is a test period for working from home, that’s why it’s important that we show them that we can have the same level of efficiency working than when we go into the office, so that in the future when everything has gone back to “normal” we have the possibility of telecommuting some days, having our bosses trust that we will be performing just as we would if we were in the office.

Before going deeper into the suggestions, I want to tell you that not all distractions are bad, and that statistically, distracted people have a greater potential to find unique and different solutions to problems. However, today we will talk about the cost of distractions when we are working.

Distractions can help us or...

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apps productivity Feb 03, 2020

There are thousands of applications to help you reach your goals, it doesn’t matter if you use a PC, a tablet, a cell phone or all of them at the same time, what’s important is to know where you need help and which of these apps suits you more. 

To accomplish this you must start by taking into account the following:
• The cost. 
• The type of work you perform. 
• The number of members in your team. 
• The communication needs with your co-workers. 
• The communication with multiple work teams. 
• And the focus of each task. 

That is why you need to know the 5 types of applications that will take you from a novice worker to a productive expert in the blink of an eye. 

First of all, it’s important that you consider using a schedule or calendar. Depending on the type of device you use, the calendar is one of the most basic tools to help you be more productive. Despite all the...

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6 Actions to Avoid Procrastination

Today we will talk about what for many is the archenemy of productivity and it’s the cause of why people go home at the end of the work day without having finished all that is pending … it’s called “procrastination”.

But what is procrastinating?

The most direct definition tells us it’s “the action of delaying the most important tasks and replacing them with others that give us more satisfaction”. Let’s admit it, at a time when entrepreneurs and freelancers can choose when and from where to work, this has become a real headache for many people all over the world.

Let’s understand something, procrastination in particular, is a problem that stems from self-regulation and time management, or lack of them to be precise. Its solution would consist, among others, of organizing time management appropriately, concentrating on doing the most important tasks that have the soonest due date.

Normally, whoever delays or postpones a...

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How to plan vacations despite your busy schedule

For many people around the world, this week marks the beginning of winter vacations, which is considered one of the busiest weeks of the year since the timing goes hand in hand with the Christmas and new Year’s celebrations.

Our hope is that you start 2020 fabulously, that’s why we want to give you some tips so that you can give yourself that well-deserved time off to rest and enjoy a nice vacation with your loved ones.

#1 Plan the time you want for vacations ahead of time.

Vacations are a goal that all people in the world have in common, since we count the minutes until our time off, when we can forget our jobs and dedicate our time to enjoy life.  But vacations, like any goal, have to be visualized and we have to work on different objectives so that we can take advantage of them as much as possible.  

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do during your days off, what’s important is that you maximize your enjoyment and that you leave your work at...

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Bonuses: A boost to productivity

Bonuses are tangible incentives that promote the productivity of the co-workers, but, do they really help me be more productive? 

These incentives are normally given as a reward or are merit-based because of the effort that was put forth, for having exceeded the expected results when fulfilling an activity or several activities within a defined time-frame.

Let’s look at it this way; many employees all around the world have enjoyed these incentives that motivate us to focus on our jobs, to put forth a little more effort when performing our tasks, thus focusing on our goals, however, some business people and entrepreneurs have come to doubt the effectiveness of them and I have to tell you, this depends 100% on structuring and presenting the bonus correctly.

Next, I will talk about which factors must be considered before implementing a bonus in your company or your business so that you not only avoid throwing money away but so that you can truly and properly motivate the...

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How do you tackle an endless To Do list?

 A To Do list is a key tool in good strategic planning, it’s the structural foundation that will allow us to make decisions, assign times, and optimally structure activities so that all those pending tasks can be moved to Goals Achieved!

If you are like me, you have probably asked yourselves if a To Do list really can help you be more productive or if you’re just wasting your time… The answer is simple, of course it will help you with your organization, however, everything is a process and it won’t necessarily be easy at the beginning, but … we are here to help you and I’ll talk to you about some tricks that will be useful to make this process more effective and less tedious.

#1. Dedicate to it 15 minutes of your time exclusively; and when I say exclusively, I mean no distractions like the cell phone, your surroundings, and your mind.  When you are able to focus solely on this task, we are on the right track.

The list must have on it...

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WhatsApp, tool or distractor?

productivity tools Sep 23, 2019

Technology has been of great help for large corporations throughout the years, however, many of the tools that have been implemented can also become a stumbling block in terms of productivity and growth in these companies.

Most of us spend our days on our cell phones, and although most of the time we are on social networks, we do not realize that another app we use a lot tends to be WhatsApp.

This app ultimately changed the way in which we communicate, both in our professional lives as well as our personal lives.  Has it happened to you that you belong to certain family groups or friends groups, and some people seem to have too much free time and ceaselessly send messages?

Well, this is one of the main features that distracts us from our daily activities.

If you’d like to find out on which app you’re wasting most of your productive time of the day, you can review the automatic function in your cell phone where it measures which apps use the most battery (which is...

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9 steps to have more effective meetings

Many companies keep falling into the trap of meetings that are recurrent yet not very effective, it is important to put into practice several elements so that the participants’ time is not wasted; they could be performing other tasks that are important to their positions.

It’s important to mention that there are meetings that cannot be avoided, and that staff from each area has to attend so that the team functions better and of course, is more productive.

Many times, the frequency of the meetings is overused, and in most cases, they are open to all the areas of the business even when it’s not necessary, and those people attend but are not able to be productive during that time.

Often we hear from companies with all types of operations and in all types of industries, how middle and top management colleagues constantly complain about the number of meetings they must attend and about the time they feel they are wasting every day.  When in most cases, they are...

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Which one is the correct tool for you?

productivity tools Jul 08, 2019

We have all heard that the appropriate use of technology tools to increase our productivity is of vital importance and it’s true, most of them are available today as apps for cell phones or pc’s, however Google Play has more than 3.5 million apps available for downloading, 10-15% of which are focused on helping you be more productive, from very general ones to very detailed ones, and it is here that the question of the week arises, which ones are the appropriate ones for me?  Choosing only one can leave you wanting in some areas and choosing too many can have the opposite of the desired effect.

So, how to choose? Well, this definitely depends on how you like to work and how much connectivity you want with the people around you.

#1 Check what apps your closest co-workers are using, one of the greatest benefits of the digital era is connectivity, there are applications that allow you to share notes, files, events, tasks, and responsibilities in seconds with others...

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