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5 Books for Successful Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the experience you have as an entrepreneur, whether you are starting your business or already have some successful ones, it is always good to learn from others and what better way to learn from the experts than by reading some of the best books for entrepreneurs. .

If you remember on our blog about Continuous improvement, your secret weapon to success, we talked about the importance of staying up to date, in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey mentions one of the 7 most important sharpening the saw habits.

In my case, I take advantage of my commute listening to audio books, instead of listening to alarming news or despairing of traffic, I take advantage of time listening to books that may be of benefit to my business.

Maybe you too need a little inspiration to speed up your engines, or you could use some tips on how to be a better manager and take your business to the next level. Whatever business advice you need to sit down to read or listen...

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