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5 benefits of relaxing at work

balance relax Mar 23, 2020

It’s good to be at home, maybe you feel more relaxed, you save time, you take advantage of your free time, however you may also be experiencing negative situations like a lack of organization, stress, little productivity, and in a few days you will be begging to go back to your office …

It’s not all bad, and when it comes to work, why not have the best of both worlds and maintain a relaxed and productive work day whether you work from home or at the company?

Currently, many companies are aware of the need and importance of having happy and relaxed associates in their facilities, the good news is that all over the world, companies have already begun to implement areas and techniques so that their workers are better.  One of these are the famous “rest zones” or “chill out areas”, but…is it really worth it to implement them? 

The answer is yes!  Having an area to rest in your company is a great idea that will help the...

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