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Hiring successful teams

The best recruitment is as complex as choosing your mate or your best friend, this person must be the ideal one for you and for the role you are going to perform together, you must keep in mind that there are certain characteristics you have to consider so that your relationship is optimal and that you reach the objectives of the projects you will carry out together.

Your team at work is your family, they are the ones that will lead your company to be successful or to be a failure.

How to Recruit the best?

Action-taker, today I want to talk with you about the challenge of finding the people that will become your best allies, it doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur hiring your first employees or if you are building a team within a large corporation, the basics of recruiting are the same.

You must be very aware that like you, the person has needs, expectations, and an uncertainty about which decision to make. 

Keep in mind that when recruiting, you will meet...

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5 words for an attitude of Success

success Sep 09, 2019

When talking about human beings in general, especially about those little things that make us relate to other people, be it your partner, your family, you friends, your business partners, your co-workers and subordinates, we find that a fundamental factor is communication, and not only the simple concept of emitting a message that is then received, but we’re talking about good communication, direct, conscious, and concise, now this communication can vary in each aspect of your life since it can differ depending on the person you are talking to and the level of authority we have relative to that person, the length and closeness of the relationship and of course the level of trust that exists between you both.

All of these attributes plus many more will improve or reduce how well the reception and processing of the message is, however, we believe that regardless of all these attributes you should never forget to imprint your values in that message, since doing so will make a...

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Avoid negative thoughts that hold you back

success thoughts Jul 22, 2019

Many times we find unique opportunities in our path and we decide not to take them because of our own negative thoughts, those are the only signals we send to our brain, and they carry with them emotional baggage that leads us to believe that the best decision is to let that opportunity pass by.   The reality is that we self-sabotage ourselves more often than you think, here you will find the most common negative thoughts that could be holding you back and how to avoid them.

The 5 most common negative thoughts:

1.- I can’t: This is the most destructive negative thought, and within it we can include thoughts like “it’s too late” or “I’m not good enough”. These thoughts lead you to believe that you are not capable of doing something even when you have not yet attempted to do it.  The worst thing is that this brings us to the million-dollar question: “What would have happened if…”

Don’t keep...

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